Day 2.0 | Texas Midnight Post

I went to a restaurant with some friends in San Antonia. The resto was pretty dope.

I saw a Texas flag on the door. My ignorance, but also not knowing every single flag in America – these states flags are a little crazy if you know what I am talking about, I’m feeling a little Mexican, we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us. Well, I look at the motherfucking flag and I was like, Yo! I was thinking about Paraguay, Uruguay, maybe Chile? I asked, yo is that Chile’s flag on the wall, I think this restaurant might be Chilean? Everybody around me start laughing because they didn’t know that I genuinely didn’t know that that was the Texas flag. But my love for Latin America and the Spanish flag, I knew something was wrong. Because I was sure that I was looking at Chile’s flag! And then everybody at the table was like, yo you crazy that is Texas flag. I was like no, let’s go google this motherfucking shit because I am sure this is Chile’s flag or something. And then, we go google and there you go, those two motherfuckers are pretty much the same thing with just a line to define. Now I’m like okay, and everybody at the table looked a stunned. The bartender was actually Latino, and he said yeah nigga, you right! Well, he didn’t say nigga but you know what I mean. And he felt a little shitty because I caught that and he’s from Central America and he never noticed that. The national flag of Chile also known as Las Estrella Solitaria, Spanish for the Lone Star consists of 2 horizontal… let me not go there because when it comes to Latin America, you know I’m biased. But one thing I’m gonna tell you, one thing is for sure, that I just read in an article that my Dominican brother just dropped me, the Chile flag was adopted in 1817. The Texas flag was first flown in 1938. Well, well, well. I don’t need to tell you who copied who. But hey let me leave motherfucking Texas so I can continue my motherfucking post, because I don’t wanna get shot, because every single motherfucker carry a gun right here.

Texas flag

Kudos! Shots fired.


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