Day 47 | Calgary: 1 day to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente, I am writing you right now at 3 oclock because I woke up with a red eye. I dunno if it is age, I dunno if it is too much work. All I know is I tried to put eye drops on it, the kind I used to use when I used to smoke weed, to get my eyes a little clear, that shit was burning like a mofo. I really wanna say motherfucker, but you know I am watching my tongue now, for the sensitive ears on the social media. Speaking of the weed, today is my 47th day of alcohol and drugs free! 3 to go, till I make it to 50. And let me tell you, this is the longest time I have been without a drink in my entire life! Feeling AMAZING! The pocket hurts less, meaning I can save more money. Going back to speak on my pink eye, I just got my pink leggings merchandise, and the polkadot leggings merchandise. They look fantastic! And they gonna fly really soon.
Montreal is cold as F. You really know I wanted to say it’s cold as fuck, but for all these sensitive ears on social media, I need to watch my tongue. That sounded like a song! Maybe I should make my new song.
Challenge for this week: 1 L of water a day. Yeah, baby. Let’s clean this body properly. And today, me and Flavie the new VIP session with new moves. Boom fiyah! Let’s do this Mi Gente. New moves, my VIP people, I am going back on camera. But before that, I gotta go get my lineup because tomorrow I am going to Calgary Salsa Congress to represent our beautiful dance kizomba in Calgary. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, so exciting! I’m feeling goofy a little bit, shaking my head from side to side.
Oh it’s cold, my people, it’s cold!!
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