Day 67 | Baila Con Gusto: 1 day to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. What an amazing birthday weekend. What an amazing day. I don’t believe that the weather is the way it is these days, but hey, I have my heater on just in case. Yesterday, Montreal was a little hot, but going through the evening wasn’t as hot as it was during the day. Well, I guess everywhere in the world it’s like that. But unfortunately, we just don’t trust this weather.

Monday, we did our first live “Dr. Kizomba show” video very well with our new gadget, an amazing green screen. Some of you guys saw the background, some of you guys met Leo and the Angolan flag symbol. Please, when you take time, go back and check out the #live because we got some hot topics on that broadcast that might catch your attention. I basically had time to read the comments but I did not have time to actually put my two cents on them. Yeah. It was hot, Mi Gente. Take your time and pay attention on the cause because some hotness was displayed in that place. After that, if you guys are on the Manuel Dos Santos I page , because I am banned from live videos on Manuel Dos Santos III page, because I been posting some videos with music that I am not supposed to post, and Mr. Zuck trying to be legal as fuck, always banning me from Facebook for posting the wrong song or something, I dunno what he is thinking, you gonna be able to see the kuduro videos from yesterday. The kids, one more time, destroying the adults, of course that’s how it should be, and a lot of fun. And please, don’t forget to go on the Kitaba Social page and click “I Like”. As well, at the Gindungo page, and get your tickets, because it’s just about that time. The end of the month is starting, and you guys wanna get your tickets before the price changes from $80 to $90 bucks.

As I started with the Gindungo promotion today, leggings and Gindungo tshirts available, at the passionate kizomba school in Montreal, you already know we talking about Kizomba Canada. You guys can come and make sure you get your uniform because our goal is really to get to 500 people this year to fill up the beautiful place of Espace Des Arts in Montreal in one entire weekend. I think this deserves a like and I think deserves a #live video.

#qotd: “Tarraxinha, the dance. Tarraxo, present tense. Tarraxou, past tense. Learn Portuguese!”

As I see everybody doing their own promotion, I had to comment about this Tarraxa bullshit. Like Jay Cole say, meditate don’t medicate. Y’all niggas need to get on point with your promotion. Because misspelling the Portuguese language for business gain is a personal offence to your stupidity. You just keep on giving me topics to talk about. Wow, I just heard that some kizomba schools are copying me by having leggings as well. That’s good! I guess they really don’t have no more ideas for business, they just have to follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader! That is not sad, I’m flattered, I feel like a bitch that just received a vase of flowers. Woooow, I guess y’all niggas have no ideas! Great job, keep on copying me. My lives are getting popular, and I probably gonna squeeze that in on my topic at 5pm today. I’m gonna find a way to be more positive, but it’s impossible, y’all niggas keep on doing negative shit. See you at 5pm.

Hasta luego, Mi Gente, and I will see you tonight at Kitaba.

Don’t forget about #gangstaphysique today. I will update you when I am in the facility.

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