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Maaaaaan, Wednesday night as I was looking around the room, Kitaba I mean, your boy was very pleased to see that everybody was enjoying, the music was popping, the girls, omg the girls!! Some of them were literally running away from too much dancing syndrome! This culture is becoming as explosive as an atomic bomb! Instead of radiation and chemicals, flowers and hearts in the sounds of kizomba music. DJ the Best, you did the job, bro! Lawd Jesus, this boy was on fire Wednesday.

Thank you a lot for the love that you guys are showing on the first Dr. Kizomba Tips video. Don’t worry, Mi Gente, we got more coming. We got that prescription ready for this amazing kizomba scene, that you guys love to call it. Amazing product are coming out as well on like the 100 Moves Club. And now. Just a leak, ok, just a little leaked info, my people. Your boy Dr. Kizomba and the Dr. Kizomba team are gonna work to add a little kuduro to the Dr. Kizomba website. This is a project before the end of this year. I’m not gonna talk about it because my team are gonna hit me up for leaking information to you, so I’m gonna stop, but you already know my people I’m just really excited to share this information with you, I just wanted to spill this juice.

You motherfuckers don’t sleep on the Kizomba Canada team, these niggas and niggarettes are working hard, they gonna come up with a show real soon, of course choreographed by your boy Dr. Kizomba. I’m gonna leak soon some practices to you so you can see how hard they working and we gonna be at future events turning this motherfucker up, yo! Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

Last night, you already know, gang gang it was Baila Con Gusto, your boy Manuel and Flavie taught this class aka Dr. Kizomba and Flavie. Yeah, you aready know this motherfucker made people laugh. These motherfuckers better came with their abs ready because there was some ab work last night and some feet work too.

Yo man, I gotta thank you so much for being so supportive on your boy Dr. Kizomba show and allowing us to keep making those hits on YouTube and Facebook. And in the near future we got our eyes on Instagram. The hot topics, the comments, and most importantly, the laughs. Keep it up my people, because I will not stop. Next show, Tuesday at 3pm Montreal time (3pm EST). Come ready, because your boy Dr. Kizomba is gonna give you a SHOW!!!

A note on the side. For my people on my Facebook and Instagram that don’t like the way I talk and dislike my posts, I will ask you one more time, can you please unfriend and unfollow yourselves? So that you don’t be ridiculated on your comments from my gang gang? Because I have over 2000 ppl following me wishing to be my friend, and y’all simply in the way! If they become my friends, they will like my posts much more. They will share my shit much more. The math is simple. Don’t fuck my asshole because you not helping. You not posting my shit, you not liking my shit, you not my sharing my shit, you like dead water. Dead motherfucking water.

This message is approved by Dr. Kizomba.

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