In a Friendly Relationship with the Airport of Montreal | Adventura Dance Cruise

Oh. My. God. I dunno happened but I guess someone heard my prayers. Well, the airport answered me back and they told me, thanks for the post. I didn’t push further, I waited to see and today really showed me what I wanted to see.

As I was walking inside of the airport, I noticed that as I walked up to the security gate there was a sense of recognition from the people that work at the airport. Of course my friend was there, you know the one that always hook me up. But now, she not only hook me up, but everyone else hooked me up. People were looking at me like I was some sort of celebrity or some shit. I guess I’m the new airport celebrity. Because they seen me every week and now that we friends on Instagram, that makes it even more special.

Let’s go back to the real reason I am at the airport. Aka Adventura dance cruise. Miami. Bahamas. Bahamas. Miami. Im gonna see many faces, many friends and the rest is just history.

Still recovering from Calgary and Edmonton on my Cuban link. Here’s there is 2 pictures of me and 2 friends I met at the bar, I told you the story in the post before. If you read it you know what I am talking about, if not you can go to the blog and there is a lot more you can read about. Don’t forget about the 3 dots (…)!

Now I am going to Miami via NYC and I really need my speedos because as soon as I get to Miami I know my friends will be waiting for me with some tequila and tacos T&T and you already know I’m the jacuzzi master. If you don’t, by noon tomorrow, you will. Another 3 dots hit. If you follow the Adventura Dance Cruise videos then you know what I am famous for. So I really need my speedos. I’m gonna be at La Guardia airport in NY, I need help before I get frustrated. Where can I find speedos?! Any help? Any help? New Jersey, come on my people, you can do better than that. Help a brother out.

I dunno why I no longer watch movies on the plane. I now use the plane to have the coolest dreams while I am chilling on top of the clouds listening to…
I drink ’til I’m drunk, smoke ’til I’m high
Castle on the hill, wake up in the sky
You can’t tell me I ain’t fly
You can’t tell me I ain’t fly
I know I’m super fly
I know I’m super fly

Don’t worry. I don’t do those things, it’s just a song.

When I get to NY I will have some more stories for you but first imma finish eating this sandwich and banana bread and sipping on my mokachino. I just got myself a coconut water because I know I’m gonna drink so much later gotta start hydrating now.

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