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It’s time for that a reality check, that unconditional love that we getting from countries like Trinidad / Tunisia / Curacao / Mexico / and the list goes on. Now this is special: India. The folks out here, if they love you they not afraid to show and tell you and ride with you. No gimmicks in their behaviour or a sense of fakeness. Pure love, joy and respect. I saw so many Dr. Kizomba online students doing my moves, oh lord tears in my eyes, including instructors! They made sure I knew where they learned from and the dancers are good here. It’s just a different thing. I hope one day y’all experience what I did because I am still overwhelmed.

The hours are a bit too much, the time zone is like day and night from Montreal but it’s cool I never sleep anyway, I guess this is my real time. The food, awww lord the food is so good and it’s everywhere including at the parties. They love, I mean love, to dance barefoot and they’re polite like no other. Very welcoming. See? I can’t stop talking about how good they are so I’ll post again but expect something good… Definitely coming back…

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