Snow | Rain | Cold | Dear Canada

Listening to Stop Trying to be GOD by my boy Travis Scott, crossing the border with a smile on my face and memories in my mind, while the officer is telling me welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 on my tattooed passport inked up with a lot of stamps. His face was like he must be someone, don’t let this cheetah blanket fool you… Stop Trying to be GOD meaning let GOD be the judge not you that’s not who you are.

Oh Canada it’s about that time where the weather don’t give a damn. The trees  are all leafless, the sky is gray as fuck, the floor wet to the point you can see your reflection, streets are empty, kids’ playground is super empty. Yes winter is on the corner, but weed is legal and the people are nice and polite specially in Montréal, the rent is cheap. No no no am not working for tourism, am just stating facts. I just like to make it fancy specially when I on my pen mood. Hope that y’all enjoyed at least a bit…

Life does not always give you what you want but you gotta make the most of what you have. I am glad to have the people that I have around me, they complete that empty spot by 100%. We all have insecurities specially in my world of dancing and entertainment but thank papa that I can write and leave it up to you to take what you can from what I say…

Daddy, really miss you man. Hope you proud of what I did with your name. I know it’s silly but was worth the journey. RIP my big Homie.

#snow | #rain | #cold | #dearcanada

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