Day 18 | Moda Mwangole

I got a skateboard! I love art, the images, and the holes at the bottom so I can grab it. Dope.

Please Mi Gente. Come and celebrate tomorrow with your boy Dr Kizomba an amazing Kizomba Night, Moda Mwangolé! You already know…

We are going to party.
We are going to laugh.
We are going to drink.
We are going to have a blast.
Please dress to impress and smell your best.

Yesterday I was at Baila Con Gusto, big it up that night. One of the amazing nights in Montreal. Taught a kizomba class, everything was alright. The students were happy, and I was happy to see new faces.

Feeling great, feeling amazing, feeling fantastic.

See you tomorrow Mi Gente!

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First published on Facebook on August 18th, 2017.

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