Day 87 | 4-day Weekend

My weekend starts right now, Mi Gente. Why? Because. The only description for yesterday’s class: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Jam packed. Lots of new faces in the fall program. Students that are willing to learn kizomba AND semba AND kuduro, meaning we see each other Monday AND Tuesday AND Wednesday, and top it off with the new Kitaba social, where all these hours of practice go. Again, only word to describe how this feels: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Kicking off my weekend at Baila Con Gusto tonight, a classic Thursday night in the beautiful city of Montreal. Friday, I dunno, probably home drinking with the team celebrating Flavie’s birthday. Saturday, we got the Moka social, one of my favorite places to go dancing in Montreal to the sounds of DJ Brown Sugar, for the past 9 years. Mama from Moka started hiring me when I still was living in TO, to come to Montreal to perform.  Mama thank you so much for never forgetting about your crazy son.  We got something good for Saturday’s Moka social: the Kizomba Canada Dance Squad will perform our Fashion show. Then, we’ll finish off Saturday by teaching 2 hours of kizomba at Salsa Picante. Long time no see my brother Djune. Sunday? You already know, we gotta back to the studio to refine our brand new kuduro choreography and fine tune every team member’s moves. By the way we have 4 new members on #kcds, the squad keeps growing to meet the demand. Some of these newbies will be performing on Saturday. Every day, your boy is welcoming new kizombieros on the scene. #puttinginsomehardwork
Thank you so much my people for all the love and support.  My international ppl, the situation is getting really good, see you soon! My Mtl ppl, see you back on Monday for Kuduro!
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First published on Facebook on October 26th, 2017.
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