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🕴🏿Made it to the first plane. Might as well say by myself because Mango Flavie is out 💤 like usual, no internet, only me and Travis Scott’s new album, by the way it is off the chain!! The name of the album is ASTROWORLD wait awww lord the flight attendant 👩🏿‍✈️ just told me that drinks 🍷 are inclusive fuck yeah now we talking let’s mix my wine 🍷 + coke in Angola 🇦🇴 we call it Katembè in Spain 🇪🇸 they call it Calimotcho if am even spelling this shit right, but that’s not the point if you reading this by now you got the point the point is…

🕶 Your doctor’s passport is getting tattooed 🤣 damn. But on the real I really rather stay home 🏡, do my privates, chill with my girls, smoke 💨 that good shit, take over the city and just chill, HAHA 🤣. The worst part is that am serious. But I miss my people, friends that I met, friends that I will meet, all the above. Niggas are so dumb because they only respect ✊🏿 you when you traveling, awww lord what a stupid world. But hey! Am part of it like you are, let’s just cose and chill-pilling.

🕸 Chicago in few hours! Dr Kizomba and Flavie will give you that vitamin D aka that remeDY. Before that, landing in Toronto in few minutes, connecting, then Chi-Town aka Windy City. The taste of Chicago will be mixed with that Montreal flavoured POUTINE.

👝What the fuck is going on? I get out of the plane and my bag is ripped. My one of a kind bag, that we actually bought in South Africa. Now I am going to have to report to Porter and complain about this bag and I am going to say that this bag cost me $10,000 just to compensate the emotional loss, specially the material from this made with Wakanda material. Now Porter owe me money. But I’m still gonna take their free drinks!

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