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Woke up this morning real fast, got the phone call from the promoter telling me that the flight to Chicago was cancelled. Don’t really know what the fuck that mean. So. Found out that the flight was delayed, not cancelled. Well it was cancelled but it got rebooked, but whatever. I was planning on just sitting at home and acting like a fucking diva and let them deal with it. (Should I say that before I go there?! Weeeeeell, fuck it.) But I was like, ok, let’s just be devil’s advocate and hit the freaking airport get there on time, well actually early, wow I am surprised. Hit the check-in extra early, now the flight is delayed again. Connection via Toronto not an easy airport, long motherfucker. Really and truly the flight leaves TO at 6 o’clock to Chicago. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So far that’s my travelling day. Not bad at all for the travelling blog. Or course there is gonna be a lot more news coming out from this trip. I am just happy to see I am gonna be reunited with my girl Amber Rose, and then we gonna the savage team together. Lord have mercy for the ones who are willing to sleep because this motherfucker is gonna be a slaughter house. Jokes by the second.

Before all that anticipation, let me put my time machine back to reality, meaning location = Montreal, waiting for my flight that is gonna leave at 3:25 right now. So they say. They said 2:00. They said 2:45. And now they say 3:25. Oh well, I guess me and Flavie are just gonna be looking for this amazing plane to take off and I am gonna continue writing you as I go, because its travel blog time!


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