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How To Get Your “Kizomba Instructor” Diploma | The Dr. Kizomba Show

You already know what today is!!! It’s the Dr.Kizomba Show!!! We’ll be giving away passes and crazy discounts so make sure to tune in at 3pm!!! Dr. Kizomba Manuel Dos Santos III (Dr Kizomba III) #DrKizombaShow The Detroit Latín Dance Festival 2018 #DLDF2018

How To Spot A Self-Taught Dancer | The Dr. Kizomba Show!

Every week, I go through hot topics surrounding the kizomba world. Don’t forget to follow me if you like what I do (and click the bell to be notified when I go live). Check all my videos at Wanna learn kizomba? — Already a boss at kizomba and want to get to the […]

Part 1 – Can Kizombeiros & Flamingos be sharing the same room? I mean music wise! Dr. Kizomba Show

Today’s music: IMpactus 4 | Yola Araujo + Family – Magui Streamed live from Espaces Des Arts studios in Montreal

Relationships On The Kizomba Dance Floor | The Dr. Kizomba Show – Ep. 6

The Dr. Kizomba Show with Manuel Dos Santos III Today’s Topic: Relationships On The Kizomba Dance Floor Today’s Music: Cef Tanzy: “É Só Cuiar” ft. Ary

Smelling Good | The Dr. Kizomba Show! – Ep. 3

Topics of the day: 1. Smelling good 2. Avoiding rejection 3. Adjusting with your partner Music: Bela Chicola – Ndoto