Dr. Kizomba Wear | Kitaba Social | Mtl

✍🏿 Good morning, my people! It’s your boy, Dr. Kizomba. Today I woke up feeling like a million bucks! The Semba class- off the chain last night! I was happy to see my students with a real joy on my face. Yes and I can say I miss my students because I miss them. ✍🏿 […]

Chicago | Afro Summer Love Fest | Airport | Toronto

🐳 Lawd Chicago I missed you so much like for years, I have to thank Big Brother Kimani + Little sister Shafeehaaa and the team to put this amazing event together in Chi – Town. Saw old friends meet new friends and partied like a motherfucka. By the way nice crib y’all leaving large beautiful […]

Travel Blog | Chicago | Afro Summer Love Fest

Woke up this morning real fast, got the phone call from the promoter telling me that the flight to Chicago was cancelled. Don’t really know what the fuck that mean. So. Found out that the flight was delayed, not cancelled. Well it was cancelled but it got rebooked, but whatever. I was planning on just […]

Back to Writing | Back to the Barber | Back to Steak

Ooooff Jesus. Craziest thing in the world, Mi Gente. Remember the story about the Spider-Man phone? Can you believe? Someone stole my Spider-Man phone! Your boy Dr. Kizomba was planning on going to the Apple store and fixing my screen but the thief didn’t even allow me to do that. They stole my Spider-Man phone. […]

Freedom of Speech | Dr. Kizomba Tips | Leave Me Alone

Maaaaaan, Wednesday night as I was looking around the room, Kitaba I mean, your boy was very pleased to see that everybody was enjoying, the music was popping, the girls, omg the girls!! Some of them were literally running away from too much dancing syndrome! This culture is becoming as explosive as an atomic bomb! […]

Spiderman Phone | Privates

Good day Mi Gente! I know I have been absent from writing. Don’t get me wrong, ok? Too much fucking privates and only 2 arms and 2 feet 😂. So that means that I have to work twice as hard. I wish I could rent a motherfucking extra body so one could do the dancing […]

Goodbye California | Home sweet home | Montreal

Mi Gente. Just touched down in this motherfucker. When I say motherfucker, I mean my city, aka Montreal #dontgotoEuropecometoMtl. I really gotta talk to you guys about this last weekend in California, aka LA Summer Bachata Fedtival. I wanna thank Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferrera for being true to Dr. Kizomba for many many years […]

Trinidad | Day 4 | Maracas Bay

🏖 Gang we’re really excited to go to the beach 🏝 if you follow my Snapchat, you will know what I mean. Driving through the mountains ⛰ seen pure bush life nature what a feeling, we got to the top just before going down to Maracas Bay there is a stop 🛑 where you can […]

Trinidad | Day 4 | Paradise

🏖 Today is all about Bake & Shark 🦈 Maracas, but before that I gotta tell you more stories about last night. After hours & hours of workshops and cool vibes, we decided to hit a local spot DJ Fluffman & Bob Marley son where on the mix : Kizomba 🎼 Soca 🎼 Dancehall 🎼 […]

Trinidad | Day 2 | Radio Show

🌴 Land Last night my boy aka the organizer Sheldon, pick us from the airport + got another driver to bring our bags 💼 to the hotel, I know insane right? Okay, get this now –  he asked us are you ready to visit a local spot ?! We like shittt why not did a […]