Dr. Kizomba’s Travel Blog

Mi Gente.

Your boy always has thoughts, and a lot of those thoughts have found themselves in various social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. But on June 1, 2017, your boy lived a moment that changed everything. While traveling to Portugal his papers, his ID, his wallet, his bags, his everything got stolen. And because your boy is not a Canadian citizen yet, only a Canadian resident… that meant a very very complicated situation.

Read on to learn of the 192 day saga of #stuckinlisbon and #stuckincanada. This was not easy. This was scary. Your boy had to depend on his hustle, on luck, and on the generosity of strangers and friends alike. Your boy reconnected to his culture while in Portugal. Your boy found clarity, vision and focus. Back in Montreal, still stuck while Immigration Canada took all the time to process his application to get his papers replaced, your boy struggled to adapt to a life of constancy, and repetition. Your doctor is a nomad, at heart. Living 132 days without traveling? Like putting a lion in a zoo. But your boy rediscovered his city. Found a purpose, realized the importance of having a team, and building a legacy. Your boy found happiness, when he expected to find misery. Your boy grew up.

#stuckinlisbon and #stuckincanada were the beginning of a new chapter in your boy’s life. And your doctor wants to share that with his people. In 2018, now that his papers are finally back in order and his freedom restored, your boy will continue to share any new experiences as he resumes to traveling the world, spreading the joy of kizomba to as many people as he can.

Introducing Dr. Kizomba – travel blogger. See below for a play-by-play of all adventures.

Enjoy, Mi Gente. Comment and share, your boy always wants to know your thoughts.