Day 80 | Texas: 3 days to go

Good day. The internet is BUG-GING. And I dunno why. Well, I kinda know, but it’s kinda history, we gotta move on.

Today, Montreal has beautiful weather. Sunshine, sunshine reggae, reggae reggae. 🎼 Last night, I was trying to watch the movie Maze Runner 2, but that motherfucker was so long I fell asleep. I couldn’t put the first one and the second one together because it was a long time ago. So now I gotta watch the first one to understand the 2nd one better. And then everybody was sending me comments and DMs about the #salupa situation. I guess they got a new hashtag because Facebook is going on fire for this shit and I still wonder why.

The Dr. Kizomba show now has its own time slot. Every Tuesday at 2pm we have our own show. We’ll be going once a week with hot topics, hot hot hot topics 🌶. But remember on the Dr Kizomba show, i cannot put no names. But on Manuel Dos Santos III I can say whatever the fuck I wanna say. To be honest with you, I’m just firing back, really tho. Especially to those that have been having opinions about my persona behind my back. I’m just pretty much just giving my opinion about them publicly in an entertaining fashion. Under the shades of Facebook. Don’t be mad at the reporter because I’m not lying. I’m just giving the news for the people that were not there had to see. Since everybody is an artist right now, welcome to the artistic world where everybody have an opinion about you and you can’t say shit but you just gotta take it.

Next trip. I gotta go to San Antonio, Texas for the Wakanda weekend, featuring your boy Manuel Dos Santos aka Dr. Kizomba. Shit’s gonna be on fire. I recommend all my Texas family to come so we can make this motherfucker happen. All my boys need to be there. All my girls need to be there. Because it’s been more than 11 months since I’ve been there. Let’s have some fun and laugh about all this shit.💩

Shade. One thing that I’ve missed a lot, and imma be honest, is the interaction with the crowd, the so called little people. The people that others think don’t matter. Because the way I see these artists or so called artists or dancers that don’t do shit in city and go act like superstars in other people’s festivals, niggas that need improvement but are so walking with their nose ups like they running shit but they still possess primitive beginner skills, is that they don’t take the time to sit down and get to know the crowd and have a good laugh with the people talking some normal shit. In T-dot we used to say shoot the breeze. Talk about everything and nothing at the same time. Long time I don’t see this shit. This is one of the things that I miss, not only teaching classes or being the man at the workshops or performances, but really that nigga that chills with the people. That sits down and has fun with the people. That jokes with the kids, cats and dogs. Just being yourself. Because at the end of the day, eeeeeeeeeverybody needs to use the fucking toilet, whether you in the plane or whether you in a highway. Listen more to Kendrick Lamar. I guess I don’t have to say the lyrics because they already in your mind.


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