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Tampa Florida. Danger Alligators in Area. I didn’t know that you motherfuckers have an ocean. Like my mother used to say, the big aquarium that have all the fishes in it, yeah the ocean.

I gotta give a shout out to Shani and Martin for bringing your boy Dr Kizomba and Flavie to Tampa Florida for the first time. While I am writing this shit I am listening Dababy Intro. I fuck with you like Martin fuck with Gina … These motherfuckers got me as soon as I land. They gave me a big jar of weed, 2 days to relax and party, a bottle of Hennessy and Captain Morgan and Vodka Effin aka 50cent vodka. They got me kimbo kush, gorilla killa, and some blended shit that I forgot the name. Courtesy of the house. After coming from South Africa and only spending less than 10h in Montreal, your boy was dead and they actually made sure I got my rest.

Moaning on one side because that was my daughter and son’s wedding this weekend and I had to see that thing via Facebook. Congratulations my babies you did it! We family.

Saturday was the workshop / performance at my brother Tato’s salsa studio. Oh lord, Tampa folks are mad mad cool. We danced for 6 hours, jokes all day, connected like old friends that don’t see each other for a while, opened important topics about dance and life. What an amazing weekender. At night we had the social night. Kizomba and Konpa with my brother DJ Harvey from Miami. The music was off the chain ⛓ the Salsa and Bachata room on deck… the complimentary class with your doc was a mess, straight comedy and pure jokes eh! At the end they learned just enough to survive the KK room. One more time thank you Shani and Martin. On ma dababy intro I fuck with you like Martin Fuck with Gina.

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