Mother City | Dr. Kizomba | Bootcamp

Mother City Dance Festival. I wanna give a big shoutout to the students that attended Dr Kizomba’s Bootcamp and for the Ladies that attended the Afro – Beats / Kuduro Workshops. It was incredible and magical. You really made your Doc proud, the smiles, the goosebumps, the drinking beer in class… Yo let me side track – they are crazy like me! I came in a class and one student already had a beer then another one asked me can I go get one beer? I was like fuck yeah, and all this time I’ve been to Europe, all these lame ass promoters on my ass because I came on my class with my beer including instructors you can kiss my ass. There is a million Dr Kizomba’s spirit people and genuine and fun and party animals like myself in that continent. That felt good…

Some of them had never performed and just before the presentation where feeling like P  and S  at the same time. That’s the story of every performer. If you don’t feel that I suggest you exchange careers because dancing is no longer exciting fi yah… We made a WhatsApp group where we kept in contact the entire weekend and man oh man we had a blast. Now another friends to visit across the ocean! Our quote was “Kizomba don’t need extra help thank you master. It’s natural ways b4 u even think of borrowing from other dance forms” As you see we now tight and connected…

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