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Basil my brother Teeeeequiillaaaaaa! Hahahahaha the entire festival that was our slogan and we did shots until our funeral. Amazing dude, respectful, kind-hearted and most importantly a gentleman for the ladies. He took care of your doc including Sunday night after the party he came with some friends and we talked until 7 in the morning of course with some shots and we are now Brotherrrrs for life.

The Kenya Gang of ladies. I never saw such talent and such humbling people. Oh lord, girlsss hangout with me and Chioke! I became a photographer. I guess my selfies work for something. They were the models and Doc was the photographer and we rocked it in the city of Cape Town • Peris • Marion • Makiniah • Evelyn • Sonee • Xinxia Wanga • Miss Y’all Already…

Some Angolans believe that I am too wild and that’s true I am. Most adore my drena eu sou do copo now Tchela is the first time an Angolan Sister looked into my soul and told me in a gentle way soft and calm voice “dude why u drink so much?” At first I was like, okay that audacity is way too strong for my taste, but I was willing to hear what she had to say. If she knew how much I appreciated the dialogue… I can say that I gain another friend for life…

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