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Angus aka Mr Evolution and his Crew of Girls did an amazing job organizing the Mother City Dance Festival in Cape Town this past weekend. This being his first Festival, my brother great hustle. One thing we have in common is the love for The Great Mister Albert Torres. It hit very hard and Angus almost got me in tears on Sunday when he came out dressing like Mr Torres and keeping the legacy. Let’s be clear: in the middle of Saturday Night I was going to take a drink and you gave me a bottle of rhum and a big bottle of Coca Cola. Promoters please take note thank you my friend you are the MVP and congratulations…

Meagan oh girl thank you for making sure that me and Chioke and the Kenya girls where taken care of and picked up on time. All and all you went above and behind, even hangout with us when you not supposed to. Please thank my other girl with the slick Brazilian hair, I don’t know her name, she was so cool. I even smoked in her car! She was also a mvp and thank the white girl, yeah the one that was helping the other artists, she was a happy girl woot woot…

The hotel stuff from both venues, oh lord. From the security, to the girls serving us, to the bartender and the people cleaning the rooms, I connected and partied with all of them. The Uber rides, I even met an Angolan in the process. I mean they were so awesome and humble I really miss them to the bone. My people, my blood, Mama Africa.

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