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Temperature on deck, beach on point. Tampa Florida, is this how you do to the rest of the world? Because if it is, is not fair. I am telling you, one of the most gorgeous places I have been and with amazing hosts like Shani and Martin?! I mean we going to places that Tampa people never been to and eating the most exotic seafood we could have asked for. Like I said, best hosts ever. They touched me deep. They studied my calendar and made sure that I came to rest. What more can you ask for? I am here to entertain but instead they be like, “Boy. Chill. Take your vacation, see what u missing in life.” Like I said, they are the best. Please don’t get jealous, I work a lot and I’ve been to most all continents rocking y’all to the fullest and finally someone saw the hard work and took the initiative. Y’all didn’t take action therefore the throne goes to them.

We had gator meat. We had oysters. We had burgers. We had Hennaple, means Hennessy and pineapple juice. We had all you can ask on the bar, come on now and jet-skis, boats, all the above. Tampa Florida u deserve a tattoo because I will never forget about this amazing vacation that never felt like working and the funny part is not over yet, lord Shaka Zulu we in peace let’s go for more ….

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