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I know, I can explain my Social Media absence since last Wednesday. Mi Gente it’s your unapologetic Doc… How do I start this? Okay let’s go from the beginning. Cape Town South Africa, it’s not what the news have been making us believe, they are lovely people. There is a lot of tension and misunderstanding but never the less, love, a lot of luv. Seeing my Black people rising for a better Africa put tears in my eyes. “We gonna be alright” with my Kendrick Voice.

I met my brother Bermy Chi aka Chioke and we had the best time of our lives. He’s a friend that even if I stay away from a long time when we get together we connect like we never left each other. We just pick right up, now that’s my brother Chioke right there. The Dude that put up with my ass since 2005 and now we in 2019, you do the math.
He told me something very powerful that will be stuck with me for life : “Manuel if you were someone else I would have left your ass a long time ago. I know that famous niggas get so lonely even though they are surrounded by a lot of people but deep inside I know why u do the things you do. I never told u but u had a hard life, you went against all and still came back winning. Your dad’s loss was a hit that u never recovered from and the fact that you had to deal with that on your own made you mad and upset at life. So everything you did was from 0 – fuck everyone else. You are the best salsa performer in the entire world and fuck what everyone says. Even that dance you love you keeping away from the people to see. Bruh that’s trauma and that and many reasons that I will tell you another day”. Then he finished by saying “I love you bruh”…

We were in Africa together at Mother City Dance Festival.

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