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Honesty | Curaçao: 2 days to go

Good afternoon my savage readers. Let’s get back to grinding. I basically have 2 or 3 days in Montreal before going to Curaçao and attend the Curadise Dance Experience event. But tonight we have kuduro at 7pm for kids and kuduro at 8pm for adults. And those are the programs for the Spring Bling 2 […]

Toronto Recap

Toronto: mission accomplished. Was nice to see a lot of friends and old school people that I didn’t see for a long time, and of course Johnny Ramos’ show. Doing that really for my brother Yauca. Let me tell you what it means being loyal to your friends. You have no choice when a friend […]

On the Bus to TO

Good morning. Woke up so tired. Realized I had to be in the bus by 9o’clock. Got a reminder at 8:50, of course I didn’t make it. Jumped on the 2nd bus at 10:30 to be able to make to my workshop in T-dot at 7pm. Yes, I have enough time to see my nephew […]

Wednesday is ma girl

Woke up from a nice meeting with the Kizomba Canada team yesterday. I’m sorry my readers, that’s why I was away all day. We discussed some things, especially some things that are going in the team aka making the hustle go stronger. Then we celebrated at my crib, you already know my neighbor didn’t sleep […]

Day 2.3 | Kitaba Tonight

Good afternoon. I didn’t have time to do no daily post today because I was playing video games until 4 o’clock in the morning today, and I woke up at 11 something and I had to get ready for a private at 12 oclock with my people. I had to prepare with my brother JP […]

Day 2.2 | Kitaba: 1 day to go

Today is Tuesday. Which means we have semba class from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. And today is Tuesday. Which means that the Kizomba Canada team will be practicing from 9:30pm till close to midnight for the upcoming shows and upcoming events going on. And just to add one more to the list, this one was always […]

Day 2.1 | Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. Got back home surprised my students, surprised my team, walking into the kuduro class. The kids were already dead, laying on the couch, I guess Flavie destroyed them. The adults could barely breathe. Shit is fucked up. I had to go and melt some mozzarella in a Canadian fried cheese Western Unique […]

Day 2.1 | Goodbye Wakanda Weekend

Good Monday to everybody. Yes, your boy Dr. Kizomba is already at the airport. Yes, I need my coffee. I gotta give it up for San Antonio, thank you so much for having me this weekend. It was amazing. It was priceless. But more importantly, it was lit. I was able to see old friends, […]

Day 2.0 | Texas Midnight Post

I went to a restaurant with some friends in San Antonia. The resto was pretty dope. I saw a Texas flag on the door. My ignorance, but also not knowing every single flag in America – these states flags are a little crazy if you know what I am talking about, I’m feeling a little […]

Day Ooops | Wakanda Weekender

Well. Wakanda weekend. Amazing San Antonio. The weather, amazing. Old friends, amazing. I finished my first semba workshop. Amazing. Always planting cookies on student’s minds. Shit that motherfuckers don’t usually think about but is very important on the dance floor. That’s why your boy is named Dr. Kizomba. I have a sad news to tell […]