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Being African wasn’t an easy thing. Growing up, trust me on this one, I celebrate today because of the past growing up in Europe then Canada, seeing how people treat my people and still is not a proud moment, being discriminated by everyone, I mean everyone including our brother and sisters from islands not close to Africa, I mean everyone had the stereotype of “am not that bad look at the kids in Africa they need more aid”.

Giving me a treatment like “you look like Jamaica” so that I can pass like a CARIBBEAN on the other side. I love Jamaica, beautiful Jamaica is the folks that really worship us with respect so I am cool with people thinking that amma a Yardie, that’s not my point. My point is today seeing African Artists taking over the world like Burna Boy definitely completes my smile and replaces my bad memories. Seeing kids with the wakanda outfits, the youth proud to be african, even the ones that are not but we still baptized them WETIN MAN GO DO…

Thank You Shaka Zulo
Thank You Queen Nzinga
Thank You Mama Africa

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