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Yesterday I couldn’t get out of my brain for reasons that I can’t explain here on social media. You ever felt like a prisoner in your own thoughts? Yeah that was me yesterday after having an amazing Kitaba Social with my son Dj Karlito Way aka Dj Kitaba that boy was on fire I mean Lit Lit so proud of my son. Okay amma gonna spill a little tea so you can understand my happiness.

The Story a lot of y’all don’t know is how my on the low helping game and boosting people’s confidence unfortunately has become a double edged sharp sword because a lot of folks that I helped and gave my support to have ended up being the same ones acting funny behind my back. Kitaba Social had been going strong for over a year now, making sure that the Kizomba + Semba and Kuduro Afro Beatz stay alive and well in my city. Unfortunately the DJs have been flaky yes flaky. We wanna dance, the students are ready to dance but it’s always something when it comes to get a Dj to just commit. Not to say they don’t but it’s been tough. With the help of Dj The Best + Dj Angel Design keep it up the awesome job. I told the team, guys we have our own Photographer, our own Videographer, our own makeup artist, we make our our clothing, we need to have our own DJ as well and with that said I assigned Karlito Way for the task of Dj Kitaba. He already know the songs that we love meaning the students and all the hits that we can dance to – that good Semba kizomba a moda Mwangole. Last night Dj Karlitow Way didn’t make us leave the floor once! The transitions omg overlapping like a pro, he even did the 16 BPS loop until the next song. All his songs where hits after hits I saw people that usually go to home early staying till midnight! Surreal surreal surreal.

All in All – MONTRÉAL we have a fresh new Kizomba & Semba Dj by the Name of Karlito Way!

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