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Kizomba Classes: Beginner to Advanced

The Beginner to Advanced package is a 24 video lesson series aimed at making a good Kizomba dancer, starting from zero.

  • Learn the basic steps of Kizomba and build a solid base.
  • As you move forward, learn increasingly harder steps.
  • Follow the same program used by Manuel Dos Santos at Kizomba Canada™.
  • Unlock all videos at once, follow them at your own pace.
  • Choose which level to get (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or get all 3 at a discount.


$37.50 per level or

$74.95 all 3 levels

The Best 100 Kizomba Moves

The Best 100 Kizomba Moves is a repertory of Dr. Kizomba’s 100 favorite kizomba moves for advanced dancers.

  • 100 – straight to the point – instruction videos teaching you my best kizomba moves
  • Intermediate to Advanced levels
  • Instructions for the LEADER and the FOLLOWER
  • Ask and share with other members and Dr. Kizomba himself
  • Be part of a beautiful and growing online kizomba community



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