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Beautiful Tampa. I never thought that living in the middle of the wild can have its benefits and beautiful views and the most important the people are so down to earth. Amazed by it all.

Yesterday I saw my first wild alligator! I had asked Martin if they are in this water. Martin replied “I’ve been here since such and such years and we never saw one” and Shani backed him up. I was like “Alrighty then, I’ll plant myself here like a FBI agent waiting for a big drug deal.” Yeah, I stayed on that varanda 24/7 on the clock. Minding my business, a few hours later, yesterday I saw in the corner of my eye something that look like a tree branch floating smoothly on the water. When I put my two eyes OH MY LORD was a Huge Huge Fucking Huge alligator. I was screaming “Guys! Flavie!! Come Come See Look” and there he was a fucking huge gator. My eyes I wanna to run and stay still at the same time. What an adrenaline, the rush is real. You almost shit your pants when you face one of these amazing creatures.

Ufff that was it. I saw enough.

Then of course Martin and Shani had to taste the famous seafood home cooked by chef Flavie and Dr. Kizomba on the tempero. We talking lobster tails, huge farmed shrimps, crabs, all the above with the killer sauce and a Corona. Oh lord just bite your lips and close your eyes while you looking at the pictures. Then Martin took everyone to a nice sunset  drive to my brother Aloha’s house and my queen Monica and we smoked some good shit. I put that montreal blunt, Aloha went straight to bed but first he gave me some weed gummy bears that knocked me out right after I saw myself taking pictures of the moon. That’s when you know I got messed up hahaha.

More stories to come, stay tuned…

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