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I’ll keep my filters off and speak my mind and finally tell you what I think about this dance thing, yeah. When I started dancing I always felt like I am flying and all the current stressful problems will go away. Exactly like when Lauren Hill make her solo CD without people tell her how to sing.

Glad you’re paying attention…

It was never about a girl or the people in the room. I am talking about myself, don’t get it twisted, the passion is real. Then the knowledge and understanding of the art started to grow and grow, to the point that I wanna protect that love like a family. You still following? ok, glad you are…

Then time became a factor and what people believe I am like “ur black”, “ur a drunk”, “u are a druggie”. All the above are just awesome but they don’t define this soul here. I guess this is the price of fully connecting with myself in a deeper level. Just making sure we on the same page, I’m not done on my feelings.

Then I’d see the old schools hitting the bottle like there is no tomorrow. I am gonna use my idol for example, Juan Matos and his Johnny Walker leg tattoo. He for sure was a life changing inspiration. I saw his passion, I saw his pain, I saw his freedom…

Now I see dancers with so much pride and no passion (talentless), not crafted enough type of ish. All the practice and blood that I and the real ones still leave on the Dance-floor are being compared to and disrespected by the uncrafted ones because of social media. That’s heavy.

Except… dancing still gives me the same feeling of freedom and flying. I still and will always love it.

Man, these words are coming from the chest. I am going to stop, tears are pouring. To be continued…

Fuck it.

#triptoafrica | #inmyfeelings | #heart

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