Africa | Proud | History

Being African wasn’t an easy thing. Growing up, trust me on this one, I celebrate today because of the past growing up in Europe then Canada, seeing how people treat my people and still is not a proud moment, being discriminated by everyone, I mean everyone including our brother and sisters from islands not close […]

Travel Blog | Changed Man | Africa

Wow I just realized that am no longer African, meaning I am African but I don’t understand the African ways no more. The Jamaican and Haitian influences are very powerful, special black America that I just realized I grow up with. Am trying to get or show some love to the African dudes like head […]

Mozambique Cyclone Idai

Our hearts goes to Mozambique because most of the Cyclone Idai has hit destroyed and devastated this beautiful country and killed 1000 and counting and we know this is Africa and we know more than 1000 people died, come on my people. That’s the count that they estimated so that you and me can have […]

Real | Beautiful | Awkward

Well… we already passed midday Sunday. And another black girl magic artwork add from Dr. Kizomba aka the unapologetic motherfucker. The waiting, it is a fucked up process. I’m so anxious that I want Gindungo to be here tomorrow. But I know that we have 1 more week in between. What am I gonna do […]

Fake | Phony | Weird

Good Sunday Mi Gente. Lazy Sunday. I believe it’s snowing a lot outside which I don’t want to be part of that. But I saw this amazing drawing that I didn’t wanna skip, I dunno who it belongs to, I just thought it was cute to post this black girl magic on here to start […]

Home Sweet Home | Kitaba | Gindungo

Greetings my fellow readers! It’s your boy aka unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr Kizomba, giving you a rumour report from the crib. As you know, today we are officially 13 full days away from the Gindungo festival, 3 parties back to back with a surprise after party on Saturday till 6oclock in the morning. So excited […]

Day 81 | Texas via Chicago via Houston

Just arrived at Chi-town, one hour behind Montreal, I did some time travelling and still managed to miss my flight. I dunno actually, I’m going to my gate to find out what the heck is going on. Now that I see some black people, I guess I am in Chicago. Hopefully I don’t cross Kanye […]

Day 81 | Texas via Chicago

I really don’t like the food on the plane. It tastes weird. So I make sure I got my sandwich. Yes I know I’m being a little cheap. I got my water too because I really don’t know where they get their water from, that plane water don’t taste like mineral water. I dunno if […]

Day 80 | Texas: 3 days to go

Good day. The internet is BUG-GING. And I dunno why. Well, I kinda know, but it’s kinda history, we gotta move on. Today, Montreal has beautiful weather. Sunshine, sunshine reggae, reggae reggae. 🎼 Last night, I was trying to watch the movie Maze Runner 2, but that motherfucker was so long I fell asleep. I […]

Day 71 | Boston: 5 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente! You guys already know that yesterday I wasn’t very talkative right here on the internet. Don’t blame me, blame it on the movie theatres. Because myself and Mango went ahead to check out the Avengers movie and let me tell you. Boy, I got upset. I got a little upset about […]