Day 81 | Texas via Chicago

I really don’t like the food on the plane. It tastes weird. So I make sure I got my sandwich. Yes I know I’m being a little cheap. I got my water too because I really don’t know where they get their water from, that plane water don’t taste like mineral water. I dunno if they take it from the washroom so I rather just not trust this company.

Yeah I am on board, in a small ass plane. I wanna download some comics and read them on the plane. As I’m speaking I’m looking for Marvel comics so I can read some stories as I go. This is gonna be fun. This is gonna be fantastic. I found an app where they have Book Motion. There’s some great stuff to read. They have DC too. What you guys think I should get? Someone did a crazy shit in the plane, my boy the airplane attendant gotta clean it up. The pilot just announced that there is an issue with the lavatory, and the nigga that did it is just next to me. Life is not fair. But what can you do? Now the crew is inside to clean up the mess. We didn’t even take off and these niggas are already having no.2 problems! Story of my life. I’m here trying to decide which book I’m going to read. There is Planet of the Apes, but I’m more vintage type of guy. There is Star Trek. There is Superman. I’m trying to look for Black Panther, yeaaaah. I found Black Panther, volume 1. Eleven dollars?! Too late, I bought it. I’m all set. There is another girl going to the washroom. Hopefully they won’t get clogged again. The red hair attendant is nice, she allowed me to go sit on the other side, so I can stretch my legs. Yay! Red hair, but she have blue eyes, and I heard there is only 1% of red heads that have blue eyes, I read that shit somewhere. Oh this is nice. The comics are nice. Oh you gotta buy this shit. 121 pages. #wakandaforever “If Wakanda is to survive it must adapt but can it’s monarch?” One black Panther in a long line of Black Panthers… They have a complete version, for 39 bucks. That’s a lot of Black Panthers. The one I got is from 1998. This looks good! Black Panther – A Nation Under Our Feet. I wanna get some comics about Thanos. I’m gonna be busy checking out my comics and find out what really happened in Wakanda.

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