Day 81 | Texas via Chicago via Houston

Just arrived at Chi-town, one hour behind Montreal, I did some time travelling and still managed to miss my flight. I dunno actually, I’m going to my gate to find out what the heck is going on. Now that I see some black people, I guess I am in Chicago. Hopefully I don’t cross Kanye West, I believe he lives in LA. Just got my bag, rushing from my terminal. Yup, missed my fucking flight, gotta go to customer service. The flight attendant told me to go down the hall, and look for a fucking dinosaur, I don’t wanna curse nobody, but this is some bullshit. Run to the customer service so that they can change my flight. Because a motherfucker took a fucking shit on the plane and fucked it up and they took too long to fix it. This is some fuckery. This is some real fuckery. I guess I gotta be ok with that. Fucking shit, now I am stuck in Chicago, I guess, and I gotta be happy about that shit. Well, welcome to travelling time, I forgot how fucked up this shit can be. But you know what? I’m smiling and keeping my composure. Didn’t lose my luggage but I am sure I am gonna hear a lot of motherfuckers complaining. Oh look at that! I see the fucking dinosaur. She forgot to tell me it is a motherfucking skeleton, but I see it. Let me go to customer service and complain. Oh wait, she forgot to tell me customer service is behind the dinosaur. Let me go to customer service and NOT complain. Because I think shit might get weird if there is a dinosaur on top of my head. I see there is a first line for customer service, I guess if you pay more you get to complain earlier. Does that go the same way if the plane is falling? If you pay more you get to die first? Well, I’m just talking shit, since I missed my flight, might as well just talk shit, in the customer service line. There is someone at the desk not doing anything, I guess she is waiting for the special customers. But me and my boy are right here, and she is staring at the computer. Oooh! She started moving. Buut, she wasn’t moving to help us. I think she is going to her break. How amazing. I am in the Obama capital, but he is not the president no more. All I’m gonna do is talk shit all day. And then we go.  San Antonio here we go. They don’t look worried, they look like this shit happens every day. I’m flying with United, it’s true. Oh look at that! We have a special customer. She’s a VIP, she got served first before me. Pay more, complain faster. It’s just the way things go.

So another motherfucking flight. I am going to Houston instead. And then San Antonio. Oh shit, they boarding right now! I’m just gonna get one more Starbacks and then keep on rolling.

Made it to another rasclap. I just was gangsta with this shit. I put my bag in the front because you never know what is gonna happen at the back. I got my coffee so I’m chill. They gave me the window, and I hope I don’t have a lot of people next to me. Oh. Yeah. I have someone. I am next to a dude that looks like Harrison Ford. A younger version. Indiana Jones. I should give him my hat. Well, this is not too bad. Just trying to make the situation a little bit less drastic than it was. Life is good. Flying to Houston, change of plans, oh well. We will survive.

Thanks to Mr. Shitter for clogging that toilet, making me miss my bamboclat flight. One ass was able to block the entire flight. When I got to Chicago, Mr. Hussam was telling me that my next flight to San Antonio was at 7 o’clock. I look at him, like really my nigga? You must be smoking some hash from Morocco. I told him send me somewhere else, and I bet imma get to San Antonio before 7pm.

This is how my legs feel in a bigger plane. I will continue reading my Marvel Black Panther because it was very entertaining. I don’t wanna spoil you. It’s a fascinating story, and you should read it.

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