Day 81 | Texas via Chicago via Houston

Just arrived at Chi-town, one hour behind Montreal, I did some time travelling and still managed to miss my flight. I dunno actually, I’m going to my gate to find out what the heck is going on. Now that I see some black people, I guess I am in Chicago. Hopefully I don’t cross Kanye […]

Day 81 | Texas via Chicago

I really don’t like the food on the plane. It tastes weird. So I make sure I got my sandwich. Yes I know I’m being a little cheap. I got my water too because I really don’t know where they get their water from, that plane water don’t taste like mineral water. I dunno if […]

Day 81 | Texas: Here I come

Just crossed the American border, again. Good morning. Swagger 100. Going to Chicago, gonna lay low there for a little bit, headed to San Antonio for the Wakanda weekend. The name of my agent this time was Martinez but he didn’t look Latino at all. That motherfucker was grilling me, asking me what I was […]