Day 81 | Texas: Here I come

Just crossed the American border, again. Good morning. Swagger 100. Going to Chicago, gonna lay low there for a little bit, headed to San Antonio for the Wakanda weekend. The name of my agent this time was Martinez but he didn’t look Latino at all. That motherfucker was grilling me, asking me what I was gonna do in United States. I look at him like, none your business, but I couldn’t say none your business, but that was the answer that was on the tip of my tongue. but you know, it’s America let’s be nice.

Today my outfit is a little cowboyish, and the United agent that helped me with my ticket was amazing. He said to me yo! You were the dude, and I remember you from last year. I guess my swag was impeccable if the flight attendant still remember me from a year ago. That’s pretty remarkable. Even after one year of not traveling, but I still be recognized by the agents at the airport. That’s pretty dope. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, one more time, getting used to these flights. Life is good, let’s go.

Ah, just got me a nice chair as I wait for my flight, got my Starbucks on deck. Well, San Antonio here I come. You know energy will be on deck. I can’t wait to see my brother Lee Rios and the rest of the family, to be cracking jokes, and having a good time.

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