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Wow. Just Wow. Calgary I was naive to not know how amazing you are. I am so glad that Leo reintroduce me to Marco and Mi Hermano de Corazon Cuban Link 4Life Madre Mia Venezuela, Colombiana, Diva and the Coolest Gringa Marco Girl. The workshops where dope, the feeling that the students learned tremendously, well appreciated.

Thank you to Irene who helped me out with the workshops, you a really cool girl with good vibes, a cool flamingo trying to do kizomba. She helped me with the workshops, and she my friend and you know my friends know I am savage. Thank Evgenia to be so nice and cool. Your private was very revealing, and every time you have a private with me you have an epiphany about how much people is lying to you. My advice to you is just not to listen to motherfuckers that are guessing and check their background. Because not every Angola is good at kizomba, remember that. But they all good at talking. If the Angolans are not very good at kizomba, imagine the rest of the world! Check these people that are selling this information, check their background and then you might have a decent communication and not spend money on unnecessary things. I only tell you that because you my friend. If other people wanna spend their money that’s their problem but you my friend so I have to let you know.

This was the only plane where my feet was good, it was not so tight they were touching the other seat. Westjet is the shit, there is a lot of space.

Home sweet home. Back in town. Let’s fuck some shit up tonight starting with kuduro.

Let me go back to thanking Edmonton and Calgary for what they did to your boy. I absolutely felt like I was in another country and I also made a comment and they were laughing about it. Calgary is turned the fuck up. Calgary is lit. Marco showed me another side of Calgary that I did not know. Now I know. The song is in my head right now, because we were in a club sitting down in a VIP club in a nice freaking seat. We had our shisha on, we had our Hennessy on, it was me and him and a couple of people. This boy is connected, I’m talking about deep deep deep connected. As soon as you are blowing that shisha in your mouth that double apple motherfucking flavor, you take a shot of Hennessy and you see everybody faded in the club and the song playing is Bad Bunny…


Cuál és tu Plan?
Cuando quieras tú me avisas e nos vamo’ de aqui
Nadié tiene que enterarse que te lo metí
Bueno, solo dime … Cuál és tu Plan?
Cuál és tu Plan, baby? Cuál és tu Plano?
Cuando quieras tú me avisas e nos vamo’ de aqui
Nadié tiene que enterarse que te lo metí
Solo dime Cuál és tu Plan?
Bad Bunny is mi Hero Coño…

After Albert Torres died, I zoned out a little bit on my latin side. I was riding with my African side. But daaaaaaaaaamn I miss that traptone side mixed with my latino side blended in. And everyone was asking me, why this nigga speaking Spanish, and I was too tired to explain it, I was like fuck it, because I do. And then I was like PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY. Then in between that I just know I was like I was so faded. I think I saw one of my Brazilian friends Paola from Calgary. She showed up with some other friends. OMG, Listen. We turned the fuck up. She had her gay friend with her, that nigga was another level of gay ok, that nigga was not joking with the homosexuality, ok? Yes. He was winding up on the dudes, and he was going up to the mean looking dudes, and he is this small latin guy, funny as fuck. We was turning up, I was turning up, we were all turning up. He asked me, but don’t you mind? I was like wtf, this is your life, this is who you are. I actually love gay people, not only because I have a brother on my father’s side who is also gay. When we were kids if someone tried to say something about my brother, there goes their two front teeth. So you best believe if anyone says anything in this club, shit is going DOWN. He hugged me and kissed me on my cheek, thank you so much. Don’t worry my nigga, life is already hard as a nigga, so I am not gonna be here trying to make other people uncomfortable.

Continuing the party, then I had this epic moment where I after I went with Marco’s friend, a dude about 10 years older than me, a nice older Cuban dude that remind me of my dad. We had a nice deep spiritual conversation. And let me tell you one thing. This motherfucker brought me back to my spiritual side, big time. Like big time. Big. Time. We had a conversation about my dad and the situation that happened and how I still feel him and how I still talk to him and then shit just went deeper than that. I was very pleased to know that someone out there, he put me back in tune with my AfroCuban side and remind me of who we are. Well, that was some surreal moment out there. That was definitely some surreal moment out there and I really and truly appreciate this man because there is not a lot of times you gonna meet deep spiritual people that know their stuff and tell you how to protect yourself in simple ways. Ways that I will not describe to you because you not ready for this shit. Remember they came to Africa and made us practice Christianity so we could lose our roots and our connection to the other side and our ancestors. Meaning speaking with dead people, having conversations and opening that door and feeling comfortable about it, because that know how powerful that shit is. For real. I’m not gonna go further than that, because you do the math, because there is a lot of stupidity in the world for me to be teaching you stuff all the time. Go do some research and shit.

I will continue writing down about my trip but you know I gotta go home and get ready for kuduro. Unpack my bags. Pack my bags because it is Adventura Dance Cruise Miami, and I gotta rock that boat one more time. And this time shit is gonna go extra down!

Ok guys see you at kuduro, I’m already in Montreal, let’s turn up! Hey hey hey!

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