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Do you know who is liking my pictures on Instagram? The motherfucking @mtltrudeau aka ADM Montreal. ADM Montreal is the motherfucking Montreal airport. Yo! And here I am looking at the professional pictures that these guys have on their IG, and I see pilots kissing and shit, well I dunno a journée international du baiser, and I see a pilot kissing I dunno if that is an attendant, but that is very suspicious? Oh international kissing day. So they just go around kissing people at the airport? Oh shit they have the selection of Team Canada with the gold medals and shit. These niggas are legit! Well Mr. Airport of montreal, now it’s time for you to put this picture of myself, don’t worry, I made sure it’s a good one because I don’t see any other nigga in this freaking airport – on your pictures I mean. I don’t even see any Asian, oh wait, I lied, I’m sorry, I saw 1 nigga and he got 100 likes, let me give him 101. He have panini on top of his head. Ok I take it back you cool. Now its time to put me and give me some, you know, listen. I talk about you no problem. I talk about you every time I pass through the airport. I write some shit, I make you look good, I make you look good internationally, no problem. But now we need to talk. Now that you liking all of my pictures, and I tag you every motherfucking time, every time that I come to the airport to do a flight, hook a nigga with a fast lane. Yeah man! Like all the white people that always pass on the other side, give me some special pass or some shit! I don’t wanna be in line. Well, I cannot say no names, but my girl is already hooking me up already, every time she see me she make me come to the front of the line even if I am allllllll the way at the back. But that’s my hook up, that’s not your hook up. Now its time for you to make this legit for me. Yeah. And we gotta talk about this thing of me taking off my shoes and shit. Come on Montreal airport, you can do better than this. Now you making me go with my sleeping slippers because I am freaking tired and I don’t wanna take my shoes off and people laugh at me. Look at what you doing to me, Montreal airport. But anyway, these people crazy. Who the fuck gets dressed up to go inside an airplane? People who don’t fly often. Ting ting ting! That’s the right answer. They feel so excited! Or motherfuckers that are going to work right after the plane or meeting people. Not me! I’m going to party, I don’t have to rush. I dress comfortable and I bring my blanket with me. No, my blanket is not molested no more, I washed my blanket with all the juices, and I made sure I sterilized that blanket too, just in case.

Now that I got your attention, thank you for liking my pictures. I really appreciate that. But I like to lick people’s brains with the way I put the words together. Yeaaaaaaaaaah, that’s gangster.

And if you read until the end, you a real MVP. I’m gonna give you a sign so that the smart ones only understand. If you read until the end, comment under with 3 dots (…) because the dumb ones they don’t even read, they just look at the picture. I know, I know you cracking up, this is for my intelligent people, heeeeeey!

Current situation. I’m sitting at home with my fucking feet in baking soda, apple syrup, salt, warm water, just recuperating to be destroyed back again on the Adventura Dance Cruise this weekend. I’m looking at Red Dead Redemption 2, uploading in 2 hours while Flavie, Karl, Vanessa, David and Jessico are teaching the kuduro class.

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