Spooktacular | Party Time | Edmonton

Hello hello. Here’s the deal. My people tonight Spooktacular latin party with your boy Dr. Kizomba. You already know, it’s gonna be a Cuban affair mixed with Kizomba and Salsa and all that good stuff. My people, all my friends that live in this area, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, Yellowknife, Vagina oh no oops, Regina, yall […]

Day 51 | Landed in Montreal

Touched down in Montreal. The airport is really busy. Slept the whole flight through. Back to square 1, walking to the door 6 about to catch an uber again to go home and continue my sleeping. And then go for kuduro for 7pm with the kids, 8pm with the old folks. It’s sunny outside, I […]

Day 51 | Calgary Flight Home

Day 51 Mi Gente. Well, it’s midnight somewhere in the world and it’s time to take a shower and go downstairs and dance. Your boy Dr Kizomba just did an amazing thing today. I started with my vlog on YouTube talking about my daily post so people can add to their understanding of what I […]

Day 50 | Calgary: Day 3

We made it! It is day 50 Mi Gente! Fifty days! This thing is no joke. 50 days of sober, alcohol and drugs free. This is no joke! I am very proud of myself. I’ve never gone so far in a fasting drinking challenge. Never. I am very proud to be able to continue this, […]

Day 49 | Calgary: Day 2

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. It’s two hours back from Montreal, so I believe it’s about 1pm in Montreal. Day 49 of no alcohol drinks and smokes free. Hung out a little bit yesterday at the after-party, but of course since I am in cowboy land, my hype of yesterday was the photographer. […]

Day 48 | Landed in Calgary

The flight was smooth. I was trying to play with the internet on the plane, on and off, off and on, all the above. I was able to upload videos on Instagram of me and Flavie yesterday dancing, which is not even Facebook yet, my people were getting the preview, I will post it as […]

Day 48 | Calgary Toronto

Just landed. This plane so tiny I am gonna sit down. Just landed in TO, the plane is so small we gonna have to walk on the tarmac. That reminds me of Angola. Everybody is rushing like they all have something special to do. Let’s hope I don’t forget anything on the plane. And there […]

Day 48 | Calgary, Here I Come!

Good morning. I gotta find out my seat. 13A. This is a tiny motherfreaking plane, looks like one of those ones on TV. Fast one to Toronto, and then switch to Calgary for the Calgary Salsa Congress. Didn’t sleep this morning. Woke up with Amber Rose sending text messages for a mutual group for a […]

Day 47 | Calgary: 1 day to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente, I am writing you right now at 3 oclock because I woke up with a red eye. I dunno if it is age, I dunno if it is too much work. All I know is I tried to put eye drops on it, the kind I used to use when I […]