Day 50 | Calgary: Day 3

We made it! It is day 50 Mi Gente! Fifty days! This thing is no joke. 50 days of sober, alcohol and drugs free. This is no joke! I am very proud of myself. I’ve never gone so far in a fasting drinking challenge. Never. I am very proud to be able to continue this, it feels amazing. It feels very rejuvenating. I don’t feel tired at all. I feel good. I feel amazing. And the most important, is my awareness went from zero to a million.

Yesterday, first workshop done. Great students, eager to learn. Amazing people, quiet as hell. They just got the taste of a loud motherfucker. And by the way they were laughing, it seemed like a kizomba class plus a comedy show. The folks were enjoying so much, some of them even bought the leggings after class, some of them even had the chance to submit their subscriptions to and some of them are active Wednesday #live class attenders. I got a lot of recognition, some people in Calgary watch Dr. Kizomba like a bible, that was definitely surprising. Love this city, appreciate the vibes, can’t wait to see these people one more time. Used one of the girls that came for Gindungo, Erin, for the demo after the class. She did an awesome job, like I expected. Amazing, amazing, great stuff. Saw some old friends, great people.

Relaxed a little bit before watching the performances and shows last night. A little bit of what you missed. Went to the same spot to order my food. This time, I got an amazing chicken, off the chain, got my coffee, killed the chicken, taught a beautiful private with Evgenia, aka the reporter. Great stuff, great great great stuff happening. I DJed one more time last night. Actually, Mi Gente, I didn’t DJ, I played other people’s mixes, because you know I am not a DJ, ain’t nobody got time for that. But hey! People is enjoying, kudos to all my friends that send me their mixes. Calgary had fun.

Today I am getting ready right now. Teaching in about 30 minutes, kizomba semba, class is amazing, can’t wait to see you guys soon.

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