Dr. Kizomba | San Antonio | Still Drunk

Good day Mi Gente. BIG. San Antonio. My brother Lee did it again. I want to thank Semenya, the staff. This event was absolutely off the chain. The pool parties were insane crazy. I saw myself dancing a lot of salsa, bachata including some kizomba as well. It was amazing. I like events like that, […]

Travel Blogger | Sober Days | Henny

9 Days Since a touched the Bottle. I guess it’s fasting time or as we call it #soberday number nine, it’s is not a big deal is just that time of the year when your Dr becomes a patient and has to put some moderation on the liquor so shit don’t fall apart. Well hey, […]

Day 2.1 | Goodbye Wakanda Weekend

Good Monday to everybody. Yes, your boy Dr. Kizomba is already at the airport. Yes, I need my coffee. I gotta give it up for San Antonio, thank you so much for having me this weekend. It was amazing. It was priceless. But more importantly, it was lit. I was able to see old friends, […]

Day 2.0 | Texas Midnight Post

I went to a restaurant with some friends in San Antonia. The resto was pretty dope. I saw a Texas flag on the door. My ignorance, but also not knowing every single flag in America – these states flags are a little crazy if you know what I am talking about, I’m feeling a little […]

Day Ooops | Wakanda Weekender

Well. Wakanda weekend. Amazing San Antonio. The weather, amazing. Old friends, amazing. I finished my first semba workshop. Amazing. Always planting cookies on student’s minds. Shit that motherfuckers don’t usually think about but is very important on the dance floor. That’s why your boy is named Dr. Kizomba. I have a sad news to tell […]

Day 62 | Mexico, Day 2 | Birthday Boy

Good morning Mi Gente! Literally this was the first early workshop I ever had in my life. 10 o’clock on a Friday morning, started to teach semba in Mexico. I dunno where all these people came from, but they were there by 9:30 waiting at the door. Ate a little bit in between, took a […]

Day 51 | Calgary Flight Home

Day 51 Mi Gente. Well, it’s midnight somewhere in the world and it’s time to take a shower and go downstairs and dance. Your boy Dr Kizomba just did an amazing thing today. I started with my vlog on YouTube talking about my daily post so people can add to their understanding of what I […]

Day 50 | Calgary: Day 3

We made it! It is day 50 Mi Gente! Fifty days! This thing is no joke. 50 days of sober, alcohol and drugs free. This is no joke! I am very proud of myself. I’ve never gone so far in a fasting drinking challenge. Never. I am very proud to be able to continue this, […]

Day 44 | Baltimore: Day 4

Last snap of the night. Just came from the afterparty where the security was trying to kick everyone out. My friend the famous saxophone player was trying to sneak some drinks on me. Fireball, I hate that drink, even back when I was drinking. That shit burns! And that cinnamon taste? Reminds you to never […]

Day 32 | Gindungo: 2 pre-parties to go

Good day good day good day! Day thirty-motherfucking-two. Gindungo is here. Booze free and smoke free. And I am gonna give it up to my festival, because I made some promises to some people that I gotta keep. It’s not about me anymore but it’s about my people, I gotta do it for them. My […]

Day 29 | Gindungo: 5 days to go

Oh my goodness, good morning for the second time. I woke up early, I dropped this note on Facebook because I had to get it off my chest: “When the past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say”. Some of you guys already liked it. Then I fell back asleep and reality hit […]

Day 18 | Gindungo: 17 to go

Good day Mi Gente. It’s your boy Dr Kizomba waking up a little confused but happy. It’s day 18 for soberness, smoking-free and I just added one more subject: exposing the fakes. The topic of today is “inside jokes” aka friend of a friend trying to throw shade on another friend because they’re jealous of […]