Day Ooops | Wakanda Weekender

Well. Wakanda weekend. Amazing San Antonio. The weather, amazing. Old friends, amazing. I finished my first semba workshop. Amazing. Always planting cookies on student’s minds. Shit that motherfuckers don’t usually think about but is very important on the dance floor. That’s why your boy is named Dr. Kizomba.

I have a sad news to tell you guys about the sober days. It’s not really sad, ok? But I had a drinks last night. Reason why: maybe the heat, maybe the old friends, maybe San Antonio. But you know what? I felt not sad, I’m just trying to be honest with you. I didn’t wanna lie to you because I have been honest with you from the get go. Therefore I didn’t get drunk, no no no! At one point we ended up going to an after party and your boy Dr Kizomba looked around the room and said fuck this shit, I’m going to call an Uber and sleep bc tomorrow I gotta get up and do my workshop. That’s the result of the sober days. I’ve become really conscious about it and I realize that moderation is the key. I really know it takes a lot of drinks to put me down, so as I’m drinking my coffee right now, I’m restarting over again. Day 1 motherfuckers and let’s make it to 100. For those who thought I cannot control the drinks but the drinks control me, I gotta thank you for being wrong. This challenge was not for you, but ultimately I did it for myself. And! I didn’t like how I felt when I woke up in the morning. Tired as shit, unenergized. My niggas, moderation is the key.

Happy motherfucking mother’s day. This day goes to my special girl, aka Dona Edith, aka my mommy! I miss you so so much. It has been many years that I can count that I don’t hug you or smell you mommy aka the General aka the one that told me everything is ok even when everything was not ok, she would look at me and tell me: don’t worry my nigga, it’s ok. I really, I REALLY, miss you, girl. I wanna make sure that I will see you in this year. It’s been too much. Too much and too long.

Ok my people, I gotta get ready for my kuduro class right now. Don’t worry, I’m gonna keep on posting and telling you how things are going. Thank you for your appreciation and support. I’m just gonna keep it real with you forever. Alright?

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