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Good day Mi Gente.
It’s your boy Dr Kizomba waking up a little confused but happy. It’s day 18 for soberness, smoking-free and I just added one more subject: exposing the fakes. The topic of today is “inside jokes” aka friend of a friend trying to throw shade on another friend because they’re jealous of the success of the other friend. They pretend to be nice, but don’t actually support the other friend. Are you still following me? Ok. Let me explain a little bit better so you can have your mind clear.
Last night before I go to bed, I left you guys with this quote, “if someone hates you for no reason, give this motherfucker a reason” and that’s what I am about to do right now. I really love this girl Amber Rose because she remind me of myself in a female body: intelligent, outspoken, don’t give 2 fucks about what you think about her, and a hard worker. Wakanda protected. Now. We have maybe some friends in common. Maybe. Some motherfuckers I know, and some motherfuckers I knew. I announced yesterday that she was coming to Gindungo, of course a lot of people were happy, because they know Gindungo is gonna be fire. But where there is happiness, you already know there is sadness. And this sadness can come in any shape or form. There are 2 types of black people. There are the sellouts, aka colonizer-friendly aka the motherfuckers that sold the slaves to the colonizers, and there are the protectors. Well, in Amber’s post about Gindungo, I saw both types, one tagging the other. As you already know, I don’t say no names so as not to promote these motherfuckers, but if you do some research, you will find who I am talking about.
Now. Just to give you guys a realistic scoop about the situation. Sometimes in life you meet ppl and you have a great connection and this great connection might lead you into some places you might regret, aka bedroom boom. And when these things happen, there is the aftermath of how he/ her make you feel. Now. Here’s my talking. Amber Rose is a nice girl, my people, and as a nice girl, she attracts a lot of people and some of the people that come her way don’t have her interests at heart – watch who watches you from the stands because your biggest enemies are disguised as your biggest fans. One girl who personally I don’t know yet made a comment about my last carrot juice post. Another girl also commented, a girl I used to know but is not really cool with me – she never supports any of my events straight up, not one Kizomba Canada event, but lives in Canada! The first thing this girl had to say about Gindungo was a comment about how I was drunk. NOT that it was a great festival, NOT omg the vibes of the ppl that were there was amazing, NOT Manuel how can you know all these ppl with beautiful energy who turn up, NOT thank you for bringing this beautiful authentic culture to our country, you are a pioneer, and I as a Canadian am profiting from all your hard work, but… “ I hear you were drunk at your last event.” Bitch, is that a nice way to start a conversation? Is that a nice way to give a compliment? But guess what, as I am passing through my 18 days of soberness my carrot juice is making me see your bullshit. Groupie. Yes I said it. GROUPIE. Bc magically, all your best friends are people in the market that have a name. Aka all the artists are your best friends, but you don’t even have a best friend, groupie, and you’re giving your opinion on posts that you weren’t even called on and tagging other ppl that don’t have good shit to say about me in the post. That’s fucking low. Therefore my fellow readers, let the fake be exposed. If we not facebook friends, don’t you get the memo that we don’t fuck anymore, physically and facebookly? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. And for the other dude that commented, DJ I-don’t-know-who-you-are aka DJ Jobless, don’t go and put your nose in a conversation where girls are talking shit. 50 cent already wrote a song saying “I smell pussy, is that you boy?” Coming and giving your opinion in the chicken fight, what the heck is wrong is you, go and get a job, flamingo loser! And for the other bitch, aka lights out, miss Blacka its not the first time that you try throw shade at me on my comments. I see you girl. You should focus on your ginga because Eliza is coming and your dancing is still confusing, I don’t know if you dance kizomba or flamingo. Trying to post videos online, trying to come up as an artist, girl, you still gotta learn!
Where was I? So. Now that I got this off of my chest, if you guys wanna have a good read, you can go to this blog and you guys can see the over 100 posts that I personally drafted on IG and Facebook since my #stuckinlisbon situation. GO and read this book my people, this is your boy Dr. Kizomba’s life and I am sure you gonna have a good read.
On another note, Amber Rose, welcome to the team. You gonna meet Fabricio, you gonna meet Eliza, you gonna meet Frans and Sarah, you gonna meet Flavie and so many more. THESE are the folks that do the truly hard work to get their careers to the top, doing real work, hard work and I want you want you connect with these people, instead of all  the sidelines groupies. Amber Rose, you gonna meet the whole Dsantos family. Real motherfuckers. You gonna join a new set of friends who are friends with you because because of your energy and what you transmit instead of being fake friends with you because of who you are. Speaking of Dsantos family, gotta give it up to my son Richard, and Manon for all their hard work and success in the UK, keeping the Dsantos UK franchise alive and thriving.
Don’t get it twisted, this post I had to do it. Some people trying to throw shade with their posts and their bullshit, but naaaaaaaaaah. Especially from a Canadian point of view, naaaaaaaaaah. If you have something to say, say it, I’m right here, inbox me directly, like I did to that girl. She come back, telling me, “ oh you are taking this out of proportion”. Proportion?! Proportion is the excuse that you give when you get caught. Out of proportion, my rass.
Today I am on my way to Ottawa. Again. Passport pickup, shiiiiiiiiiit. Manuel Antonio Dos Santos, let’s start making the tattoo on this freaking Canadian document. And don’t forget my people, tonight Kitaba social, 9:30pm! Before that, you already know, we have kizomba 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm, beginner, intermediate, advance. But don’t worry my people, your body is gonna do another live video so you can see the students and the energy we have at Kizomba Canada.
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