Day 19 | Gindungo: 16 to go

19! We almost at day 20 of soberness.
Poor Malenfant. We had to wake up at 5o’clock in the morning to go and get some paperwork done in Quebec city. We drove 3 hours. I had to stand OUTSIDE, a long waiting line. Thank you US 🇺🇸embassy, making a nigga stand in the wind and snow, cold AF. Looking at my iWatch, I burned 500-something calories just waiting outside, running in the same spot to stay warm, waiting for the embassy. But! when I was inside of the embassy, the people were sooooooooooooooo nice. The only weird shit was Donald Trump’s picture, staring at me. When I look at his face, I just remember “you fired!” so I tried not to make eye-contact. Hopped back in the car, drove back for another 3 hours with Flavie, Malenfant, Ronyca and Julie. Happy International Women’s day.
I’m gonna take this paragraph to talk a little bit about the importance of woman on this earth, because without them we wouldn’t even exist. My quote today was “Little girl with a dream became a woman with a vision”. For every single lady in this entire universe, just remember one thing. No matter how weird you think you are, you are still very special. You are the gasoline in our tanks. Just don’t piss a lady off, niggas! Cuz that’s just like throwing fire on gasoline, and you know what can happen. Explosion.
On my way back from Quebec, I received this comment from my boy Alin from Romania:  “My man, sincerely you are the best guy that I know who tells the motherfucking truth, without any cover. I’m glad for your change, I made one for me, also. I writing because watching your days numbers, it helps me to continue mine, big thanks for that. This weekend, I’ll try some carrot juice, hopefully I’ll see why you talk about it. I didn’t know that the franchise DSantos from UK, that’s your franchise, how do people manage to get one  ? Also, big thanks for your live videos during class, I’m learning from you, how to keep the smile on students faces, how to keep them interested, how to explain easily the moves, a lot of things, please keep that . Hopefully, in the future, you’ll travel to Europe, so I can SHAKE your hand! Respect bro! You are a real motherfucker in the kizomba world, and my appreciation for you grew when I saw how do you protect your culture and your people! From Romania, with the highest respect, we salute you!”
Thank you so much for everyone who was sincere with me, sending me messages like that on my DM and messenger. Because of you, I’m not going to even drink at Gindungo, just to keep these numbers going up, but trust me I’m going to turn up just like I did last night at Kitaba. OMG what a night last night. Montreal is the capital of Kizomba in North America. Why? Bc Dr Kizomba says so, unapologetic motherfucker. The guy that brought kizomba to Montreal, I’m telling you, if you wanna see what I am talking about, go check out my live video from Kitaba, and you’ll see my friends and family going nuts, fruity loops peanut butter milkshake. Quebecois, Africans, Haitians, Latinas, Europeans, Japanese, Indians, Russians going down into one melting pot, because we all red on the inside.
Peace out niggas, and I’ll see you next Wednesday, or better yet, Saturday in Laval.
Thank you so much for reading my post, I really appreciate, and I love you too.
Your boy
(see?! I know how to end a post without saying… well, you know what I am thinking!)
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