Day 20 | Gindungo: 15 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. Like I told you yesterday, today is sober day #20, alcohol and drugs free. Amazing feeling after BCG yesterday this is one of my favorite socials to go dance in Mtl, salsa, bachata and kizomba. I like Moka too so don’t get jealous Brown Sugar. The only annoying thing yesterday was that while I was dancing, my iwatch kept on ringing bc my friends were contacting me and I could see all these incoming and missed calls on my watch but I could not answer.

Roasting time. Yesterday at Baila, I went out with my 2 students + Flavie, and trust me these girls looked good. We all had amazing bachata and salsa dances and kizomba too, of course but one thing struck my attention. The girls were there to dance. I’m talking about the Kizomba room. But 75% of these niggas are not there to dance, niggas including wiggas as well. I did this shit on purpose. I brought these 2 students of mine that these niggas don’t usually see on the dance floor, one chocolate and one white chocolate; I’m talking about banger bodies, model-looking girls and these motherfuckers did not know how to behave. 1 out of 2 dudes danced over 4 song with each girl, asking for their numbers, following the girls around the whole night… The behavior of a 12 yr old that never saw a candy shop. And I ask a question to myself: am I really making dancers so that they can go ahead on the dance floor and be perceived like that and not be respected and can’t have a nice dance and be left alone? What kind of promotion am I doing right here, by making a good dancers if they cannot even dance without having a nigga push his leg in between their legs and try to make them horny by force? As I’m sipping on my tea I’m reflecting on a lot of bullshit and I don’t think I even wanna be part of this motherfucker because clearly 75% of the dudes are not there to dance and that hurt my dancers’ perspective.

On the other hand, DJ Sabrusso, damn boy,you are getting better and better and better and better. Your salsa yesterday was off the chain, bruh. As soon you play those Cuban hits, you played especially Cachao and my favorite tune Abuelos. Man! You almost put a teardrop in my eye. I was dancing with Mango Flavie, loosening it up, and my brother from Cuba was on the sidelines looking at me dancing, and after I was done, he came to me to say “This is what I am taking about salsa with sabor and control. You got it papi!” So he said and for me to have a Cuban telling me that I got it, shiiiiiiit that means I got something special. In the other room, DJ ÙJean Nunez is getting in tune with his Dominican side, that nigga don’t even know he is Dominican, but the way he was playing bachata last night was off the chaiiiiiiin. But I must say my bachata is Dominican but I still don’t understand all the spins and turns and people going to the floor. Wow, the rhythm is so nice and sudden and the hip switch is closer to a semba ginga with a jumping twist. Bachateroteroterotero! Great job last night my brother from another mother Haiti Cheri Jean Nunez. DJ Ly, thank you so much for having a semba and kizomba session in between your urban kiz explosion. I really appreciate you my brother to respect your boy Dr Kizomba. I still don’t do this flamingo dance but when I got on the dance floor you made sure my tunes were there and I was able to have great dances. Nothing but respect to my brother Ly.

Quote of the day: Loyalty is about people who stay true to you behind your back. And since we live in a world where there are more fakes than real, I still salute all my brothers and sisters that still get it down with your boy Dr Kizomba and when you mention my name around all these motherfuckers, you still defend your boy even tho they have nothing good to say about your doctor and you still reply with “I know that is your personal opinion but that’s my dude and I ride or die with Manuel”. So therefore: thank you.

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