Day 21 | Gindungo: 14 to go

Good morning, Mi Gente. The dream of today was a little bit weird but I’d rather start with my quote so that everything flows naturally. Today’s quote: “wanna find out who your true friends are? Get sober.” I think this is self explanatory and I don’t need to give my two cents about it. But hey! We on day 21 of soberness and smoking free.

Last night I had a crazy dream that made me feel a little weird. I dreamed I drank a beer and then I wanted to write my daily report and it was hard because I could no longer say day something-something of soberness and I didn’t wanna lie in my post. So I was a little confused. But then I woke up, and I felt happy that I didn’t have to lie about me drinking a beer because it happened in my dream. This was a bittersweet feeling.

On the other hand, a Crocodile Dundee looking motherfucker came and made a comment on my live about Kizomba and me and my girl Michelle just put this guy on steak, just straight up blasting intruder alert style. I definitely know where he was coming from because he is a friend of an instructor that felt that my comments in my latest #talkingshit were directed at him. But you know what? We not even friends on Facebook and I’ve never even seen this individual in my life, so I’m gonna make this post short by ignoring him.

On the other hand, guys remember there’s 14 days to go till Gindungo Kizomba Festival and the party keeps on getting hyped. I can’t wait for all my friends around the world to come to Gindungo and make this party possible. People from Accra, Ghana is coming, people from all over Europe is coming, people from North America is coming, people from South America is coming too, we even got people from Iceland headed to Montreal. It’s gonna be a big melting pot, nothing but cool motherfuckers around us, and I can’t wait to see you there.

Now there is one thing: people purchase your tickets online, because you will cry at the door. If you my real friend you know you supposed to support me and don’t expect any free shit. Because I am trying to change my financial history because I’m the first generation of my kind in Canada, y’all motherfuckers have 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 6th generation in this bitch so your money long. Me? I’m the first generation so I gotta grow my money the same way your mama and your daddy and your grandma did, let’s equalize this bitch.

Can’t wait to see you at Gindungooooooo, peace out.

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First published on Facebook on March 10th, 2018.

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