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9 Days Since a touched the Bottle. I guess it’s fasting time or as we call it #soberday number nine, it’s is not a big deal is just that time of the year when your Dr becomes a patient and has to put some moderation on the liquor so shit don’t fall apart. Well hey, 36 it’s not 18 and if u don’t use that age experience you may regret. My birthday celebration was one of a kind where I constantly did not stop turning up from city to city, knowing my boys ufff they kept on poring that Hennessy like it was water from heaven. Mexico 🇲🇽 oh lord Primo kept on waking me up with that tequila every morning oh lord.

Now it’s time to even that body again with some good food and fruits and all the nutrients that need to keep this physic looking like 18. yup that’s your Dr’s secret: turnup but knowing when to turndown, because we only have one lever and also make sure that business is good. The company is good and my gang gang is good, please don’t be afraid to turnup with me. I’ll just keep on the burning side and the good food and juices for these few or whatever until I feel like turning back on again…

On the Plane to India got about 11 hours to go and see this beautiful country and people that I wanna to meet for a long long time. I’ll post everything here so y’all can enjoy this amazing travel blog by the lens of Dr. Kizomba keep reading Gang Gang…


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