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Oh lord 5 hours to go and my two front neighbors are having a conversation in their language like no one is in the plane. I don’t wanna be rude but shiiiiit. Flavie sleeping, am not just gonna let this party go while like that as a matter fact everyone sleeping. They both older like that Lord of the Ring white dude with a stick. ln my culture it’s a sign of respect not to disturb a two grown folks talking but in this case I think they’re abusing their power. So “papa can you tone it down a little? their is people sleeping here and I believe u understand that.” Surprisingly enough they were cool and apologetic and kept the tone down. Me asking someone to be quiet, that’s new…

At this point we already past African + Europe Time Fuse and just on top of Atrachan, 5:20 minutes remaining and ufff, let me tell u it is cloud️ after cloud on my window side and the only clouds Flavie has seen is in her dreams. I have to stand up, is just too much, move, walk, get that blood moving. Yeah am going to the Yoga and Kamasutra land, I just I need a massage right after this flight but other than that so far so good…


#travelblogger | #drkizomba | #india

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