Day 29 | Gindungo: 5 days to go

Oh my goodness, good morning for the second time. I woke up early, I dropped this note on Facebook because I had to get it off my chest: “When the past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say”. Some of you guys already liked it. Then I fell back asleep and reality hit my head big time. I had a dream about visiting Angola aka visiting my mom. A real vivid dream. For the ones that don’t know me well, I haven’t seen my mom since 2005. Last time I saw her, I believe it was in Amsterdam. You can do the math, that is exactly 13 years ago. I walked in my house, with a vivid picture in my brain. Ran up the stairs that it used to take me 8 seconds to run, now it took me 3, because I am taller, stronger, faster and of course older. I knocked on my mom’s room, and like she always does, she was sleeping. She woke up startled, like I always used to do to her and then I was like “mom, it’s me” and she couldn’t believe it. We hugged for 3-5 minutes, crying and then she got dressed, she walked me outside, showing me off to all the neighbors. I was a little afraid because of my hairstyle what she was gonna say, but hey she already saw it so many times on the internet, what she gonna do. That was the realest dream I had from the getter. 😕

And that goes back to my post today, when your past calls, don’t answer. But when your mama calls, you answer ☎. So I’m gonna make a phone call because of my mom. Imma call my mom to make sure this year I make that trip to Luanda, the capital of my country Angola, and Alvalade, Maianga. That is my hood. Not really a hood for the people that know, that’s the suburb, which is where my mom still lives until today.

Today is day 29 Mi Gente. I got one more to go before hitting the 1 month! One month. A full month of alcohol and drugs non-consumption. This is something else. Clear vision, sharp mind, on point. Surprising myself everyday. Ready for Gindungo like never before. And if you have the time to check my #talkingreal video from last night, there are some great topics. Go and check my live, so you can have a big feeling about what I am talking about.

My people, 5 days to go until the festival. Get your stuff ready. Get your tickets ready because we are not playing. At the door, everyone is paying. Because if you love and support your doctor and your girl Flavie and the Kizomba Canada team, don’t expect freebies, because we respect you and pay you for your events. On the other note my people, get your tickets, contact Flavie if you need anything. Gindungo is gonna be off the chain, and I am saying that with a totally clear mind. OFF. THE. CHAIN.

Oh oops, I almost forgot, Gindungo 4 tickets are available right now, only for $70! Don’t make the same mistake you made this year, get your tickets right now.

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