Day 30 | Gindungo: 4 days to go

Good day, Mi Gente.

This morning started with a boom💥 . Yesterday, accidentally I left my Beats headset, my 200 dollars wireless headset, in my Uber. I was rushing out of my house to go to practice to finish the Kizomba Canada choreographies for Gindungo because this year Imma perform at Gindungo with my dream team, fuck that. Well, I left the Uber in a rush and then went inside and start practicing. Worked hard. Met my friend Lucky Sipin -give it up for my brother Lucky aka Mr Jackie Chan if you guys know, we have a choreography called Rush Hour, check out the video on the weekly #tbt series on my Dr. Kizomba facebook page. Lucky is one of my best friends from Toronto, and that is a fact because I can count all my best friends on my hand, and I don’t have more than 5. We sat down, we had a good conversation at my favorite spot Yeh, and he was shocked that I actually was paying for the bill for the first time in our life. Not really the first time, but you know, shit. He is on Jackie Chan and some Bruce Lee shit, he came to Montreal for training some martial arts and we took the time to hang out. When I got back home, I noticed that I didn’t have my headsets. (Now that’s some writing skills, right there. Solid punchline, people already forgot about the headsets and now they are all, oh shit! Because I was able to introduce all that burger in between, and then remind you of the last punchline. That’s some Lord the Rings shit right there!) Well, I looked everywhere, I couldn’t find them. Flavie, Ronyca and Lil Kim, were talking about some personal shit, I didn’t have my head on that because I wanted to have my headsets so bad, and I couldn’t find them. Now here is the irony. I was so cool with the Uber driver and he was also a cool young guy, and he liked the Jamie Foxx glasses that I bought in New York because the name of the brand is Privé Riveaux eyewear, we actually were listening to Kompa, and he was from Haiti. This morning, Uber contacted me and told me that the driver contacted THEM and told them that I had left my headsets in his car. He lives next to Flavie Mama’s place aka Montréal Nord. Ain’t that a bitch. Man! Karma is a beautiful thing. I gotta give this man a 30 bucks tip, since those headsets were over 200, shiiiiiiit.

I’m gonna finish my post with my quote of today. But before my quote, today is exactly ONE MONTH of soberness and alcohol free and plants free aka weed. When I say drugs, I’m talking about weed, Mi Gente. Don’t get me twisted, I never took any other drugs than weed, but last thing I know weed is a plant but I consider that a drug as well. One month free, feeling like a million bucks. 😁

“Keeping secrets from someone is no different than lying to them. Still dishonest.”

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