Day 28 | Gindungo: 6 days to go

Oh my god, I just slept until 4pm. The bus was scheduled for 8:45pm yesterday, but of course it got to the station 30 mins late. Eh, blame it on the New York traffic, especially on a Friday night when everybody is coming to the city to party. I could’ve stayed in New York longer, but I felt like if my brother Dave brought me in for his specific event, it would be a little disrespectful to attend other events where I wasn’t originally booked. Again, it is just a question of principles, and that is lacking in our dancing scene. So therefore your doctor is here to remind us a little bit of that.
The bus ride was smooth, a little. But when we got on board, it was crowded and way too hot, people were almost suffocating, the baby next to me wouldn’t stop crying. I was laughing because I was hot and the baby was hot too and that baby was like fuck this shit, imma cry until this motherfucker turn the heat down. If I was the driver I would have opened the window a little bit so we could all remember where we are, but I’m an Angolan and I am cool with heat no matter if it is at its maximum potential. It’s a Wakanda thing. Yes. It was a smooth ride until the Albany stop. But after Albany, this motherfucker stopped in every single city. And this was the creepy fucking part. He stopped in a city I don’t even know the name, that reminded me of Kalamazoo. For the ones that are not familiar with Kalamazoo hahahaha go look it up, that motherfucker’s crazy. I was on the right side of the bus, because that was the side where the electricity works, like always, if you’ve taken that bus  to New York, you know that is the side where the electricity work, not the left side. The nigga stopped to pee at a gas station somewhere, the bus driver, I mean, and when I looked at my right side, there was fucking frozen cemetery! At fucking 4 am in the morning. Really nigga?!?! I could see all the tombstones next to my face through my window. I saw motherfucking angels, little tombstones, tombstones the size of a fucking house…. I was like, I think I see dead people right there. I think I see dead people. And the irony was that I was listening to 21 Savage’s new album (if you don’t know 21 Savage’s new album, go look up 21 Savage’s new album) and there is a song called “Dead People”, and the song was playing right then!
☠I been drinkin’ syrup since Denny’s
Gotta keep it on me, niggas schemin’
Right pocket full of dead people
I been hangin’ with the dead people
I been hangin’ with the dead people
I been hangin’ with the dead people
All my pockets full of dead people
I done fell in love with dead people ☠
And I was listening to that shit. Now, you understand that Michael Jackson’s Thriller was on my mind when I saw those tombstones right there. I really felt, well I think I should switch songs right now, before some dead person climbs outta the ground, and let me ook to the left to see if that nigga was coming back to the bus. That motherfucker took his time too!
Anyhow that was my scary story. And then we stopped at Platsburgh, and I was like the border is coming soon. And then we touched the border. And then back to Montreal! Canadian soil.
What a trip.
Ok. Today, me and Mango are going to Moka social to practice our salsa and bachata steps and one kizomba song that DJ Brown Sugar plays all the time, then come back and start working hard on Gindungo like the original plan. And please my people, some people already started to understand how much work takes for this blog to be respected, please take a good read at because I have a lot more series out there that you guys should pay attention to. There is a lot of reading to do. If you don’t like to read, forget about it! Because we got stories, crazier than a motherfucking book. Like this dead people one.
Peace out my people! I’ll be seeing you today. Montreal lifestyle, and then imma probably get a pho, Vietnamese soup.
See you later!
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