New Jersey | New York | Bye Bye

After Gindungo we almost forgot that we are artists and got obligations to keep up. The calendar that we have is looking scary every week, this month no breaks, city after city, back to back. Like this week Tunisia 🇹🇳 for the first time. Chicago after and let me tell you about Baltimore. But New […]

New York | New Jersey | Travel Blog

Woke up this morning rushing to New York but then realized that my workshop is only tomorrow so I said, Oh well, I can wait more. The real reason is because we miss our buss. Flavie didn’t wanna drive, so we decided to take the bus for less responsibilities because I never wake up on […]

Bus part 2 | New York | Alan Cave

#buspart2 Listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers (Scar Tissue), crossings bridges getting to New York, electric⚡️cables like it’s 1999. Damn, the grass is tall and swoops left and right, now that’s a ride. The time they say we will arrive to NYC is not sure but let’s keep our fingers crossed we won’t be late. […]

Day 28 | Gindungo: 6 days to go

Oh my god, I just slept until 4pm. The bus was scheduled for 8:45pm yesterday, but of course it got to the station 30 mins late. Eh, blame it on the New York traffic, especially on a Friday night when everybody is coming to the city to party. I could’ve stayed in New York longer, […]

Day 28 | Bye Bye New York City

Bye bye New York City. I will see you soon. Thank you for the hospitality and accommodation and of course your quality of lifestyle. The city that never sleeps, the good the bad and the ugly and especially the rough on the outside and soft on the inside of these people. When you look at […]

Day 27 | NYC Subway Saga, part3

After leaving my taco spot, the city was a little windy, windy, windy. Not really cold, but windy. I was walking around looking for something to buy and I saw Aldo and then I saw H&M. And I was like “fuck H&M”, remember when they put the picture of the coolest monkey in the jungle […]

Day 27 | NYC Subway Saga, part 2

My second day on the metro. At my favorite stop, next to my airBnB palace.  I think it’s gonna go much better. The cops are right there and the folks behind me are waiting to get into the metro for free.99. Everybody’s paying because they see the cops. I didn’t use the Japanese machine, but […]

Day 27 | Gindungo: 7 days to go

Oh my god! I just opened up my eyes and realized I woke up away from Montreal. It’s day 27 of soberness and smoking free and I believe my biggest challenge was yesterday, because my biggest drink uber friend my Jack Daniels old school friend Mr Javi was there and all my New York people […]

Day 26 | NYC Subway Saga

The stupidest subway system in the entire universe. First of all, there is a lady sitting at the booth, giving you instructions to go work with a machine that has 600 buttons on it and looks like a fucking Japanese robot. The lady in the booth is extra rude, with a majestic moustache. After I […]

Day 26 | Gindungo: 9 to go

Allo Mi Gente, good morning, I know it’s not really good morning, but I feel asleep in Montreal, but I woke up in New York, New York, bitcheeeeeeeeeeeeeees. It is the officially first day out of Canada, and let me tell you, my DM blowing! I feel like I came out of jail. And everybody […]