Day 27 | NYC Subway Saga, part 2

My second day on the metro. At my favorite stop, next to my airBnB palace.  I think it’s gonna go much better. The cops are right there and the folks behind me are waiting to get into the metro for free.99. Everybody’s paying because they see the cops. I didn’t use the Japanese machine, but I swiped my card two times and my $20 card didn’t work! But I was able to talk to a better person at the booth, the guy was really nice and he let me in. Hold on a second, I see how these people work! They waited for the train to come, cops are distracted, one dude opened the barrier for his friend and that way one guy paid and the other one gets in for free. The struggle is real.🤑

On the metro. I can see all types of Americans, but it’s so funny, I really don’t see a lot of colonizers, but I see a lot of other types of folks, I see Asians, Dominicans, Russians, of course my Wakanda people, but really I mostly see immigrants. While I was in the train, this girl was asking for money, and then she started singing in front of everybody. I don’t what kind of life situation she is passing through, she looked kinda pathetic, but her voice, oh my god her voice! She could get a record on the spot, what an amazing voice! I had to give her 5 bucks, I just had to, and some other people gave her money too. She had a splendid freaking voice, no choice, I just reached into my wallet. That was really dope. The metro isn’t as crowded as it was yesterday. One thing I noticed, the subway stations are so narrow! At the stops, on the platform, if you not careful that train can hit you! If two people are walking side by side and bumping into each other, one of them will fall off the platform, and get hit by the train. Imagine if you lose your balance, and you touch the metro as it is going at full speed? I don’t wanna understand how your body gonna roll, or break or squish… I just don’t wanna understand.😵

I thought Chicago was the windy city, but I guess New York is starting to beat Chicago because this city is windy as hell. Walking on 42nd and Broadway right now, hey wait that is my favorite store! Mi Gente, actually I have a salsa performance called 42nd and Broadway, if y’all niggas go and look at my videos on my Dr Kizomba page, the #tbt series, you will see it.

SO COLD. My people, I almost died, I almost froze my face. I’m here now at a chicken-type place spot, I got my root beer, and I guess they don’t believe in maternity leave in America because I just saw a girl working with a super pregnant belly at my chicken-type of place, while I’m having my root beer. The struggle is real. The people in the street – I know it’s cold, but some of them have jackets and some of them don’t have jackets. The one thing that is better here than in Montreal is that no one wears winter boots because they don’t even have snow.❄️

Thoughts by your doctor, while I’m waiting for my chicken taco. 🌮

More coming, once your boy is fed. The struggle is real.

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