Day 27 | Gindungo: 7 days to go

Oh my god! I just opened up my eyes and realized I woke up away from Montreal. It’s day 27 of soberness and smoking free and I believe my biggest challenge was yesterday, because my biggest drink uber friend my Jack Daniels old school friend Mr Javi was there and all my New York people that showed up to the party, I gotta give it up to New York these guys showed me a lot of love yesterday, oh my god. Gotta give it up to Saleh International for being there, gotta give it up to my boy, Dany Rocha, the owner of the Miami festival for showing up. DJ Skinny, DJ P-Lo… they killed it, I mean killed it!!! I felt like I was in Angola 🇦🇴 and Haiti 🇭🇹 at the same time. The music was just 💯. The vibes were just impeccable. The love from New York, oh the looooooooove… I’m emotional right now typing this motherfucker. What a welcome. WHAT a welcome! And on top of that, they all surprised me by saying that they are bringing a big caravan to Gindungo, next week!! 😳 that was the Ultimate. It was a real emotional moment for me. For the ones that know me, thank you so much for being real. And I definitely felt 💯 welcomed. I really appreciate that my folks respected the part that I wasn’t drinking and some of them even watched themselves when they were next to me. The girls were super happy and we turned the fuck up. I mean we really turned it up. At the end DJ P-Lo finished the night by playing Dr Kizomba’s beats ft 4mula, my song Bailamos make sure you go check it out on iTunes 😉. It was a lot of love, man, just a lot of love. I felt like I was coming out of jail and all my soldiers were there man, it was gangsta. Really, an organized gang.

Well, today is today, and I’m gonna be honest with you. I love New York but I fucking miss Montreal as I am writing this I’m gonna go now to Brooklyn Flatbush and I’m gonna play the game Cap or Not Cap, aka buy or not buying and you guys are gonna help me. I am gonna utilize my metro card since that lady yesterday put $20 on my metro pass, I am gonna utilize every single dollar on my metro pass today.

Yesterday like you can see in my picture, I went to Times Square with my brother Javi and before I leave today I am gonna try get another picture with the Brooklyn Bridge. Thank you so much to my readers and I gotta thank my girl Kassie Hamilton from New York she is an amazing dancer, yesterday had a lot of great dances with her and I asked her if she enjoyed my ghetto writing. She said, “No! That is not ghetto, it is absolutely entertaining I can see through your words” aka she can picture every single word. Awwwwww.

On another note, it feels really good, it feels REALLY good, it feels REALLYYYYYY good to be back on my game after almost 9 months. I’m gonna day it again: it feels really good. Now, promoters hit me up! My passport is getting tattooed, you might lose your spot, just saying. 😂

Thank you so much my brother from another mother, Mr. Savage, Mr. David Hernandez for putting this together on such short notice. I mean, I got my passport on Monday and by Thursday we put this event together! I say “we” because I was part of the event but really it was this New Yorker, he did everything. I gotta show him the same love so we can replicate that at Gindungo and we can double double party. 🎉

On my way to Brooklyn mi Gente, wish me luck. I thought I was gangsta until I came to New York. My savage level went from 100 to 0 in 2 seconds. 😂 Thank you so much to my girl Onica for the tip to not smile or laugh in the streets and make a hard face bc it is REAL in these streets. The game is violent here.

Alright Mi Gente, imma leave you with one word: we are one week from Montreal Kizomba festival. OH MY GOD. And the one word is: Gindungooooooo.

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