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OMG I cannot believe, well it’s not that I can’t believe, I do believe but my English is not so good looking so I just have to repeat what I hear in the movies. So I continue with my story right now, ok? As I get inside of the plane, I notice a sister is the flight attendant. I was polite and I asked the flight attendant, excuse me maam is there gonna be any internet on this plane so I can continue doing my work? And she said no, and if you want to be entertained, read some magasines that we have in front of your seat. I was like, you know, I was about to not be polite. But then she gave me a smirk, and then she laughed. I was like, she’s just fucking with me. Let me just play the same game back, and not be upset because the sister is just doing her job. Let me shut up. When the plane start moving and going up, your boy fell asleep. It’s just a routine, nothing bad, its ok. It’s just a routine. As I am taking my nap, I woke up, the flight attendant asked me if I wanted a drink. I told her nah I am good with my coconut water. She said, no a real drink. I was like what you mean, for free? She winked, and I knew she had a soft spot. Ok, finally I’m gonna have my mimosa, because its early right? She gave me all the drinks I needed.

Now remember, I had to go get my speedos. I couldn’t get me a speedo but I got me some Nike tights. Now I am representing Kaepernick to the fullest. Let me tell you the story how I got my Nike.

Dr. Kizomba’s secret agent found a 15 minute uber drive a nice Nike Clearance Store from the airport. As I am walking all lost in the airport to find the Ubers, guess who stopped me? The flight attendant. She asked me if I was lost. You know, I’m always lost. So, she already know that this man needed some help. She offered to share the Uber bc the Nike Clearance Store was actually closer to her location. I was like, you know, ok, I’m not gonna get kidnapped by a flight attendant. I mean, its NY so you never know. As soon as we get to the place and everything is on sale! But on Chinese sale! But apparently that mall is a Chinese owned mall, and on top of that they have a high rise with a swimming pool and a pub, and you know…. Living my best life, aint going back and forth with you niggas, living my best life… That’s when the flight attendant left to go her way. When she comes to Montreal she will of course come to Kitaba social.

I got my stuff, and now I am back at the airport to catch my next flight to Miami, to be reunited with my crew, aka the Petty Crew. Finally the dream team is going to meet up and do what they do best, our smuggling business. Well not really smuggling, because that would be illegal, you know I am joking right? I am not in the incriminating myself business. Stay tuned because I might type more shit when I am in the plane and there is always more bullshit that is gonna happen. This is just for now Mi Gente. Don’t get it twisted, more stories coming.

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